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How To Dress Like Leatherface From The Texas Chainsaw

Leatherface Cosplay

Dress like Leatherface from The Texas Chainsaw;

Leatherface is a 190 cm tall, 135 kg, black wavy-haired serial killer. She wears several different outfits in The Texas Chainsaw movie series. Leatherface's primary weapons in hunting his victims are a chainsaw, a sledgehammer, and his own physical strength. He wears a mask made of the faces of his victims to express himself. He wears a blood-soaked apron when dissecting his victims. Leatherface has black classic shoes, gray trousers, a cream striped shirt, and a patterned tie.

Leatherface Cosplay

Leatherface Halloween Costume

Leatherface is a mentally disabled serial killer. He is not very methodical in his murders and carries them out loudly and messily.
Leatherface shows feelings of fear upon seeing the intruders in his home while screaming In the first film. He is very ruthless in his murders and treats his victims like bare flesh. But, he submits to his family when he is at home. Leatherface's older brother, Drayton Sawyer, abuses him and hits him with a broomstick. Leatherface bends and takes the blows. Leatherface does not speak and uses human masks to express itself

In the second film, Leatherface is essentially the same as the previous film, save for some benevolence. Leatherface develops a crush on Vanita Brock, sparing her life and hiding her from the rest of his family when he finds her in Sawyer's hideout.

Leatherface Halloween Costume

Leatherface matures mentally as time goes on and becomes much more aggressive and ruthless. He loves his mother, Anne Sawyer, and his unnamed daughter very much. It is also implied that Leatherface's portrayal in this film is a rapist.

The 2017 film Leatherface gives us a glimpse into his childhood. As a child, Jedidiah was innocent, but he was manipulated and abused to do his family's dirty work, such as luring unsuspecting people into The Sawyer's estate to overpower and eventually kill and eat the family. As a young adult, however, he comes across as a shy and protective young man who has protected Sister Lizzy from his fellow inmates, having fallen in love with her. All it takes is for his mother to get him to become a killer, and he becomes one after being controlled by her, resulting in him killing Lizzy. However, Jedidiah still felt remorse for killing Lizzy and sewed a mask off her face.

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