Supernatural Crowley Costume

Supernatural Crowley Costume

Dress Like Crowley From Supernatural

Dress Like Crowley From Supernatural

Dress Like Crowley From Supernatural;

Crowley Coat: Crowley wears black wool like trenchcoat over his suit.

Crowley Suit: Crowley almost always wears black 2 piece dress suit.

Crowley Necktie: Crowley's necktie is silver grey with drop motifs.

You may use Angel Blade with your crowley cosplay if you want.

Supernatural Crowley Cosplay

Supernatural Costume

Fergus Roderick MacLeod was a mortal man who became Crowley after death; A powerful demon who, after Lucifer's second imprisonment in his cage, was the King of the Crossroads and the King of Hell. Although he originally served with Lilith as her right-wing man, in Season 5 after her death and Lucifer's release, he became a villain and helped the Winchester Brothers seal him back into his cage. With the unfilled power vacuum in Hell and with Ramiel's encouragement, he declared himself the new King of Hell.

Supernatural Crowley Outfits

Crowley's main vessel is a man of average height, slightly round with dark hair and fair skin. After the 6th season, he grew a beard. Crowley prefers to wear expensive, dry-cleaned suits in dark colors. Except during the time he vesseled Linda Tran and when he is in disguise, Crowley rarely wears anything else of his choosing. When Lucifer captured him, he forced Crowley to wear colored clothing as an insult.

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