Helluva Boss Loona Costume

Helluva Boss Loona Costume

Helluva Boss Loona Halloween Costume

Helluva Boss Loona Halloween Costume

Dress like Loona from Helluva Boss;

Loona Outfit: As a hellhound of the hell Loona looks like a shewolf. She wears gray off shoulder crop top and black shorts.

Loona Wig: Loona has long, dark grey hair.

Loona Accessories: To complete your Loona from Helluva Boss halloween costume don't forget to get pentagram body harness, fox ears, spiked choker and werewolf shoe covers.

Helluva Boss Loona Cosplay

Loona Cosplay

Loona is among the 4 main characters in Helluva Boss. She is the receptionist for Immediate Murder Professionals, a startup assassination company that performs its services in the living world.
Loona is a wolf-like hellhound. She has a dog-like muzzle with sharp teeth and a dark gray nose, a red sclera with white irises, white fur with gray patches on the shoulders, a large bushy tail, and voluminous gray hair that has been set aside to expose her ear.

Dress Like Loona From Helluva Boss

Her outfit features a black choker with white spikes. Her gray crop top has star-shaped strings that resemble an inverted pentagram to hold it up. Loona wears black gloves and shorts. She also wears black toe-free stockings and is barefoot due to her attitude in the digital realm. She has one piercing on the right eyebrow and two piercings on the left ear.

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