Mr. Lancer Costume

Mr. Lancer Costume

You need the following items for your Mr. Lancer from Danny Phantom Halloween costume:

  1. Aqua Color Shirt
  2. Plaid Grey Dress Pant
  3. Black Neck Tie
  4. Goatee Chin Beard
  5. Bald Cap
  6. Black Dress Shoes

Dress Like Mr. Lancer From Danny Phantom

Dress Like Mr. Phantom From Danny Phantom

Dress like Mr. Lancer from Danny Phantom; 

Mr. Lancer Outfit: As the vice-principal of Casper High School, Mr. Lancer prefers dressing formally. He wears an aqua color dress shirt with a black necktie,  he also wears grey plaid pants.

Mr. Lancer Shoes: Mr. Lancer wears black oxford shoes.

Mr. Lancer Accessories: To complete your Mr. Lancer Halloween costume don't forget to get a bald cap if you are not bald and a chin goatee beard.


Mr. Lancer Halloween Costume

Mr. Lancer Halloween Costume

Mr. Lancer is an overweight, middle-aged man with green eyes and a goatee. This goes with a light blue short sleeve shirt with a black tie, gray pants, and black shoes.

He is portrayed as a disciplinary officer at Casper High and shows his favor that the boys and jazz, Danny, and his friends are going to go.
He is a committed educator who takes his job seriously and cares about the interests of his students.

Danny Phantom Mr. Lancer Cosplay

He eventually becomes juster and more forgiving. Mr. Lancer has a range of subject interests, is part of astronomy, and the blackboard behind him is often changed into various math equations.

Despite having brave moments, he is seen as a wimp. He uses titles of  books as exclamation marks.

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