Sirius Black Costume

Sirius Black Costume

Dress Like Sirius Black From Harry Potter

Sirius Black Cosplay

Dress like Sirius Black from Harry Potter;

Sirius Black Outfit: Sirius Black's outfit is mostly of brown and black tones. He prefers wool blend pieces that look old yet fashionable.  You need a brown jacket, a brownish dress shirt, and a brown or black suit vest and brown or black dress pant which also needs to be wool.

Sirius Black Accessories: To complete your Sirius Black Halloween costume don't forget an antique pocket watch, his wand, and brown oxford shoes. You may also need a layered wig if you don't have long hair.

Sirius Black Cosplay

Sirius Black

Sirius was a tall, well-built, handsome man with fair skin, medium-sized, shiny black hair that sometimes appeared bright in the sun, showy gray eyes, and an air of "casual elegance"; Harry also noticed that Sirius always had a slightly haughty look on his face as a teenager. This remnant of aristocratic beauty and haughtiness is apparently an attribute passed down from the Black Family. When Harry stepped into Snape's memory, he saw a sixteen-year-old Sirius finishing his exams while being pampered by a girl who sat a few rows behind him because of her handsome looks and easy-going but elegant demeanor.

Sirius Black Halloween Costume

Sadly, like his imprisoned cousin Bellatrix, Sirius' beauty suffered from the depression and abuse he experienced during the twelve years in Azkaban. As a result, Sirius had grown prematurely older than a man in his thirties. He had a slender, sunken face, waxy skin, yellow teeth, and long, matted hair. Harry thought he looked like a corpse. In November, after his escape, he visited Harry in the fireplace of the common room and is said to have short, clean hair and a fuller, younger face, although his physical appearance had not yet fully recovered from his incarceration.

Unfortunately, the next spring his condition worsened and he returned to a condition only slightly better than a year ago: unshaven, with a faint smell of stale drink around him, and he didn't bother to change at night. He was also branded with a number of tattoos on his chest and arms.

Death, however, brought him back to the height of good looks and vitality - his spirit was described as "tall and handsome and much younger than Harry had ever seen him in his life". He hopped with a slight grace, hands in pockets and a grin on his face. ""

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