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Octavia Blake The 100 Costume


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How To Dress Like Octavia Blake From The 100

Octavia Blake - The 100 Cosplay

Dress Like Octavia Blake From The 100;

Octavia Blake The 100 Costume: Steampunk gothic corset, fingerless ripped gloves, wild chest armor, leather single shoulder cover, sexy leather tight rider leggings, hood woolen cape coat, ankle boots buckles chains.

Octavia Blake The 100 Costume Accessories: Braids wigs, Japanese katana, sword frog scabbard holder, arm leg guard, sword back strap, leather leg harness garter, gothic leg ring harness, steampunk retro leather armlet.

Octavia Blake The 100 Halloween Costume

Octavia Blake - The 100 Halloween Costume

Octavia has green eyes, long dark brown hair, and pale skin. She is fit and of average height. Octavia appears to be in her mid-teens. She has a similar appearance to her mother and brother, although she and Bellamy are half-siblings. Later, she wears war paint like a Grounder. She is described as strikingly beautiful.

Octavia has a tattoo on her right shoulder and upper arm that first appeared in "Wanheda" and is similar in design to Lincoln's tattoos. Adjusted in her appearance, Octavia makes her debut in "Red Queen". Her dark brown hair is shoulder length. When it comes to makeup, she opts for a black and red color palette.

Her new war paint resembles blood. It is believed that this is to authenticate her new title, Blodreina. Octavia lowers her more menacing gaze. Instead, she now wears normal clothes without her Grounder makeup and looks much more like she did when she first came down to Earth from the Ark.

Octavia Blake The 100 Cosplay

Octavia Blake is a main character in the series. She is portrayed by leading lady Marie Avgeropoulos and made her debut in the series premiere. Octavia often assisted Clarke as a doctor's assistant, gathering information about the Grounders for the Delinquents. She is part of the original 100 and was sent to juvenile prison for being a second child, which was against the law of the Ark.

On Earth, she faced many challenges: learning to be free, fighting to keep the delinquents alive, trying to invade Mount Weather, and helping her friend A.L.I.E. to keep him from losing Lincoln and keep 1,200 people peacefully together in a bunker. Octavia is uninhibited and wild. After hiding her entire childhood from discovery, Octavia is free for the first time in her life, something she embraces even as she struggles with it. She is brave and confident. Octavia has a temper.

She is prone to outbursts and violence. She only sees black and white and therefore judge people harshly. She cares deeply for the people she loves, including her brother Bellamy and her late lover Lincoln. Beginning in We Are Grounders, Octavia is shown to be much more violent, and after becoming Indra's second in Survival of the Fittest, she acts more and more like a Grounder in her approach to violence. Octavia wins the final conclave. She became the leader of Wonkru.

She sought goodwill and Kara Cooper's coup forced her to extreme measures. Much like the Ark, she turned all crimes into capital offenses by fighting to the death. Two years later, when food supplies ran out during the "Dark Year," Wonkru was forced to cannibalize the dead. Abby advised Octavia to ask for food and told her to punish those who don't eat. Later, Octavia killed three people because they refused to eat. This event caused Octavia to consider herself a monster, making her even darker and more ruthless.

After six years in the bunker, Octavia emerges as a brutal dictator ready to kill anyone who challenges her power. She orders all defectors killed and is willing to use parasitic worms in Shallow Valley. Octavia initially accepts Madi, although as Nightblood, Madi poses a potential leadership threat. Later, Octavia intends to execute Clarke, Madi's mother figure, without telling Madi and use her to conquer Shallow Valley. In "Damocles", Octavia begins to realize that she has broken Wonkru and attempts to sacrifice herself for the others. She willingly relinquishes the leadership of Wonkru to Madi and helps Abby save Kane in the season finale.

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