Oliver Tree Costume

Oliver Tree Costume

How To Dress Like Oliver Tree

Oliver Tree Cosplay

Dress like Oliver Tree;

Oliver Tree Jacket: Oliver's signature piece of the outfit is his jacket. It is pink with purple shoulder and sleeves.

Oliver Tree Jeans: You need baggy jeans for your Oliver Tree costume.

Oliver Tree Sunglasses:  Oliver's sunglasses are red in color and cat-eye shaped.

Oliver Tree Slippers: To complete your Oliver Tree Halloween costume don't forget red slippers.

Oliver Tree Halloween Costume

Oliver Tree Outfits

Oliver Tree is a Swiss knife; A songwriter, singer, comedian, filmmaker, and producer, he grew up in California.  He always wanted to be a singer. He is a graduate of the California Institute of Arts. Oliver took his first piano lessons when he was very young. He became a DJ in high school.

At the age of 18, he released his debut EP "Demons". In 2010 he started his solo career as "Tree". After the release of his song "When I'm Down".

Oliver Tree Cosplay

In 2018 Oliver released a single "Hurt" from his album "Ugly is Beautiful". The music video hit 1 million views in the first week and 44 million at the time of writing. The video was shot in Ukraine. The costume that Oliver wore in the music video is a great costume for Halloween, especially for Oliver's fans.

Since we're all looking for a unique yet aesthetic costume for Halloween, why not?

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