Princess Daisy Costume Guide

Get ready to channel Princess Daisy from the Super Mario games this Halloween! This guide will help you perfectly recreate Daisy's lively and colorful style. Known for her spunky and vibrant persona, Daisy's costume is a fantastic choice for gamers and Mario fans alike. Dive into creating an iconic look that captures her playful spirit and stands out at any Halloween celebration. Let’s embark on the fun journey to bring Princess Daisy to life!

Princess Daisy Costume Essentials

Princess Peach
Super Mario
Shy Guy

How To Dress Like Princess Daisy

Princess Daisy Halloween Costume

Transforming into Princess Daisy for Halloween is all about capturing her vibrant and sporty style from the Super Mario games. Here's a step-by-step guide to assembling her iconic look.

Step 1: The Dress

  • Begin with Princess Daisy's signature dress. Look for a yellow-orange dress with petal-shaped layers at the bottom to mimic her unique style.

Step 2: Wig for the Win

  • Daisy is known for her short, flipped-out hair. A short orange wig styled to match her hairstyle will bring authenticity to your costume.

Step 3: Crown and Earrings

  • No Daisy outfit is complete without her crown. Opt for a crown that resembles hers, and pair it with green gem earrings to match.

Step 4: White Gloves

  • Add a pair of short, satin white gloves. These are a staple in Daisy's royal appearance.

Step 5: Orange High Heels

  • Finish the look with a pair of orange high heels. Daisy's shoes are as vibrant as her personality!

Princess Daisy Cosplay

Daisy in her leotard
Daisy in her leotard

To truly become Princess Daisy at your Halloween party, it's important to embody her lively and bold character. Here are five steps to help you act the part.

Step 1: Energetic and Competitive

  • Daisy is known for her energetic and sporty nature. Engage enthusiastically in party games and activities, showing a fun and competitive spirit.

Step 2: Confident and Outgoing

  • Carry yourself with confidence. Be outgoing and friendly, mingling with guests and embodying Daisy's approachable royal demeanor.

Step 3: Spunky Attitude

  • Princess Daisy has a spunky and feisty side. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind and show a playful, spirited attitude.

Step 4: Caring and Compassionate

  • While Daisy can be competitive, she’s also caring. Show kindness and include others in activities, reflecting her compassionate side.

Step 5: Fun-Loving and Joyful

  • Above all, Daisy loves to have fun. Keep the mood light, laugh often, and enjoy the party to the fullest, just like Daisy would!

About Princess Daisy 

Princess Daisy in Super Mario Land
Princess Daisy in Super Mario Land

Princess Daisy, a vibrant character from the Super Mario series, is more than just a video game icon. She's a symbol of energy, independence, and spunk. This section delves into Daisy's background and personality, offering insights crucial for those aiming to portray her accurately.

Character Overview

  • Name: Princess Daisy
  • First Appearance: Super Mario Land (1989)

Background and Personality Traits

  • Royalty with a Twist: Daisy is the princess of Sarasaland, distinguished by her adventurous and less traditional royal demeanor compared to other princesses in the series.
  • Energetic and Sporty: Known for her energetic personality, Daisy is often seen participating in various sports and competitions within the Mario universe.
  • Spunky and Independent: She exudes a feisty and spunky spirit, often displaying an independent and confident nature.

Role in the Super Mario Series

  • From Damsel to Heroine: Initially introduced as a damsel in distress, Daisy has evolved into a more active and self-reliant character, often seen competing alongside other characters in sports and racing games.
  • Regular in Spin-Offs: While her appearances in mainline Mario games are limited, Daisy is a regular in spin-off titles, particularly in sports and party games.

Cultural Impact

  • Fan Favorite: Daisy has become a fan favorite for her distinct style and personality, offering a more relatable and down-to-earth version of princesshood.
  • Symbol of Playfulness: Her character represents a playful, energetic side of the Mario series, often contrasting the more traditional princess archetype.

Understanding Princess Daisy is key to effectively bringing her character to life for Halloween. Her journey from a classic damsel to a beloved, spirited competitor makes her a unique and fun character to portray.

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Who Should Consider the Princess Daisy Costume Idea

Princess Daisy in Mario Hoops 3-on-3
Princess Daisy in Mario Hoops 3-on-3

Selecting the right Halloween costume involves matching your personality and preferences with the character's traits. The Princess Daisy costume, known for its vibrancy and sportiness, is an ideal choice for certain individuals. Let's explore who might be best suited for this costume.

Ideal for Energetic and Outgoing Individuals

  • Video Game Enthusiasts: Fans of the Super Mario series and Princess Daisy's character will naturally gravitate toward this costume.
  • Lovers of Bold and Sporty Styles: Those who appreciate vibrant colors and sporty designs will find Daisy's costume appealing.
  • People with a Spunky Personality: If you have an energetic, feisty, and outgoing personality, you'll likely enjoy embodying Princess Daisy.

Perfect for Active and Fun-Loving Individuals

  • Fans of Active Cosplay: People who enjoy being active and engaging in playful antics will resonate with Daisy's sporty and competitive nature.
  • Seekers of Unique Princess Roles: If you prefer portraying a princess who breaks the traditional mold with a more relatable and down-to-earth character, Daisy is a great choice.

Who Should Think Twice About the Princess Daisy Costume Idea

Princess Daisy in NES Open Tournament Golf
Princess Daisy in NES Open Tournament Golf

While the Princess Daisy costume is a popular choice, it might not be the perfect fit for everyone's style or comfort level. Here are some considerations for those who might reconsider choosing this costume.

Considerations for a Different Costume

  • Preference for Classic Elegance: If you lean towards more traditionally elegant or understated costumes, Daisy's bold and sporty look might not match your style.
  • Introverted Personalities: Those who are more introverted or shy might find Daisy's energetic and outgoing character challenging to portray.
  • Not a Fan of the Super Mario Series: If you're not familiar with or a fan of the Super Mario series, you might not connect with Princess Daisy's character.
  • Discomfort with Vibrant Colors: If you prefer costumes with more muted tones, the bright and vibrant nature of Daisy's outfit might be outside your comfort zone.

When choosing a Halloween costume, it’s important to consider your personal style, how well you relate to the character's traits, and your overall comfort. The best costume is one that makes you feel confident and accurately represents a character you admire or resonate with.

Additional Tips

Princess Daisy and Peach in Mario Kart
Princess Daisy and Peach in Mario Kart

To truly bring Princess Daisy's character to life, it's not just about the costume but also about the details. Here are some additional tips to ensure your Princess Daisy costume stands out.

Comfort and Practicality

  • Choose Comfortable Shoes: While high heels may complete the look, comfort is crucial, especially if you plan to be active. Consider orange flats or sneakers as alternatives.
  • Wig Maintenance: If you're using a wig, ensure it's well-styled and secure. A wig cap can help keep it in place and look natural.

Authenticity in Details

  • Add Sporting Accessories: Given Daisy's love for sports, incorporating a tennis racket or a golf club can add an authentic touch to your costume.
  • Flower Accents: Add daisy flower accents to your costume, such as in your hair or on your dress, to emphasize her namesake.

Safety and Practicality

  • Secure Your Costume: Ensure all parts of your costume are secure and comfortable to prevent any wardrobe malfunctions.
  • Functional Accessories: If you need to carry items like a phone, consider a small bag that matches your costume's style and color.

Group Costume Ideas Alongside Princess Daisy

Super Mario Costume Ideas
Super Mario Costume Ideas

Dressing up in a group can make for a memorable Halloween experience. Here are some group costume ideas that complement Princess Daisy and bring the Super Mario world to life.

Super Mario Characters

  • Mario and Luigi: Pair up with friends dressed as Mario and Luigi for a classic Super Mario Bros. ensemble.
  • Princess Peach: Include Princess Peach for a duo of Mario's leading ladies.
  • Bowsette and Shy Guy: Expand the group with characters like Bowsette and Shy Guy for a diverse Mario universe representation.

Video Game Icons

  • Other Nintendo Characters: Mix in characters from other Nintendo franchises like Zelda or Pokémon for a broader video game theme.
  • Mario Kart Racers: Create a Mario Kart theme with each person dressed as a different racer, complete with makeshift karts.

Sports Theme

  • Mario Sports Team: Given Daisy's sporty nature, create a sports team theme with each person dressed in Mario sports attire.

Group costumes add an extra layer of fun and are a great way to bond over shared interests. Whether it's a full Mario cast or a mix of video game icons, these ideas will surely make for an exciting and enjoyable Halloween!

Princess Daisy Costume FAQs

Crafting a Princess Daisy costume might raise several questions about achieving the perfect look or understanding more about the character. Here are ten frequently asked questions about the Princess Daisy costume, complete with answers to assist in your Halloween preparations.

1. How can I style a Princess Daisy wig? A: Look for a short orange wig and style it to have a flipped-out look, resembling Daisy's signature hairstyle. Use hairspray to maintain the style.

2. What type of shoes should I wear? A: Opt for orange high heels or flats that complement the dress. Comfort is key, especially if you plan to be active.

3. Can I make my own Daisy crown? A: Absolutely! You can create a DIY Daisy crown using craft supplies like faux flowers, wire, and gold paint.

4. What makeup should I wear for the Daisy costume? A: Go for a natural look with peachy or pink tones. Add a bit of playfulness with bright eyeshadow or lipstick.

5. How do I ensure the costume is comfortable for a whole evening? A: Choose breathable fabrics and ensure your dress and shoes fit well. Test your wig beforehand to ensure it's not too tight.

6. Are there any quick fixes for costume malfunctions? A: Keep safety pins, double-sided tape, and a small sewing kit handy for any unexpected repairs.

7. What accessories are essential for the Daisy costume? A: Include Daisy's crown, earrings, and white gloves. You can also add a floral element to represent her namesake.

8. Can I adapt the costume for colder weather? A: Wear a thermal layer underneath and consider flesh-colored tights for added warmth without altering the look.


In summary, your Princess Daisy costume is more than just attire; it's embodying the spirit of a beloved Super Mario character. As you dress up this Halloween, remember you're not only recreating Daisy’s iconic look but also her lively and sporty essence. Embrace her playful charm, and have fun celebrating Halloween as Sarasaland’s spirited princess! Enjoy bringing Princess Daisy's character to life and have a joyous Halloween celebration.

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