Shy Guy Costume

Shy Guy Costume

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How To Dress Like Shy Guy From Super Mario Bros

Shy Guy Costume

Dress like Ginny Weasley from Super Mario Bros;

Shy Guy Costume: Shy Guy has a colorful clothing style. You can choose different colors and create your own style.

Shy Guy Mask: The mask is the most important part of this costume. It is very hard to DIY this mask. It is better for you to get the Shy Guy mask.

Shy Guy Accessories: To complete your Shy Guy Halloween costume don't forget to get a black belt with a gold buckle and purple loafers.

Shy Guy Halloween Costume

Shy Guy Halloween Costume

Shy guys are common enemies in Super Mario Bros franchises. They can be recognized by the masks they wear due to their shyness.

Shy Guys made their first appearance in Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic, a non-Mario game; They were later carried over to the Mario universe when Super Mario Bros. 2 was created. Shy boys are especially common in spin-off games but comparatively rare in the main Super Mario series. They are voiced by Treehouse member Nate Bihldorff.

Shy Guy Cosplay

A normal shy guy wears a red robe, brown belt, and white mask. Shy boys can wear different clothes. In video games, their robes indicate the different behavior of the Shy Guys.

Their robe color indicates their behavior in video games. The colors can be seen in Super Mario Advance, where red Shy Guys walk off the ledge but turn around when they hit an obstacle and blue Shy Guys turn around when they are near the ledge or obstacle.

Despite the regular basic movement of the Shy Guys in the game. The Shy Guy subspecies have different behaviors.

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