Dress Like Princess Peach

"Get Ready to Rule the Halloween Kingdom with a Princess Peach Costume"

Are you tired of being a plain old pumpkin or a boring ghost on Halloween? Why not switch it up and become the beloved princess of the Mushroom Kingdom this year? Yes, you heard it right! Princess Peach from the iconic Mario Bros. is here to help you step up your Halloween game.

Princess Peach Costume


You will need the following items for your Princess Peach Halloween costume:

  1. Princess Peach Costume For Girls
  2. Princess Peach Costume For Women
  3. Princess Peach Wig
  4. Pink Lace Princess Umbrella
  5. Princess Peach Earrings
  6. Pink High Heels

Peach has got it all, folks! She's got the blue peepers, the blonde locks, and the saucy sideburns that make her stand out in the Mario crowd. And we can't forget her heart-shaped 'do, which is the cherry on top of this Peach sundae! She's always got her hair in a ponytail, ready to save the kingdom or go on a shopping spree. And those earrings, that lipstick, and that mascara - she's a real glam gal! But don't let her good looks fool you - she can still jump higher than most of the gang, even with her sapphire sparklers and peach pout. The only ones who can top her are Pauline, Waluigi, and Rosalina, but let's be real, who wants to be taller than a Princess anyway?

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How To Dress Like Princess Peach

Princess Peach Halloween Costume

First things first, let's talk about the most important aspect of any Halloween costume - the dress. For Princess Peach, it's all about the iconic pink gown with a big, poofy skirt and a white petticoat. The dress should be floor-length and have long, billowing sleeves that are either white or pink. And don't forget about the crown! A golden crown with a pink gemstone in the center is a must-have for the authentic Princess Peach look.

Next up, we have the hair. Princess Peach has long, flowing, and blonde locks. If you're not a natural blonde, don't worry! A wig will do the trick. Just make sure it's styled in soft waves and you're good to go.

Let's not forget about accessories. Princess Peach is all about the bling, so add a pair of white gloves, a pink umbrella, and a pair of turquoise earrings to complete the look.

But wait, there's more! Princess Peach is the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom, and as such, she must be carrying her royal scepter. So, grab a long, thin, golden rod, and you're ready to rule the Halloween kingdom!

Princess Peach Halloween Costume

Princess Peach Cosplay

As Princess Peach, you should embody her royal and elegant personality. Here are a few tips to help you bring the character to life:

  1. Confidence: Princess Peach is confident, regal, and walks with poise. Channel that confidence and own your role as the ruler of the Mushroom Kingdom.
  2. Smile: Princess Peach is known for her kind and warm smile, so make sure to flash it often and warmly greet those you meet.
  3. Voice: Try to speak with a British accent, similar to the one used by Princess Peach in the games. This will help bring the character to life and make your costume even more authentic.
  4. Manners: Princess Peach is a well-mannered royal, so be sure to use your manners and say "please" and "thank you."
  5. Pose for Photos: People will want to take photos with you, so be ready to strike a regal pose and show off your costume.

Remember, the key to getting attention as Princess Peach is to embody her regal and elegant personality. With these tips, you're sure to be the belle of the ball at any Halloween celebration.

Super Mario Bros Cosplay Ideas

If you're dressing up as Princess Peach for Halloween, why not bring some of your favorite Mario Bros characters along with you? Here are some group costume ideas to help inspire you:

  1. Mario & Luigi: What's a Princess Peach costume without her two trusty plumbers, Mario and Luigi? Dress up as the iconic duo and prepare for some Mario Bros-themed adventures.
  2. Toad & Toadette: These two mushroom-headed characters are loyal assistants to Princess Peach, so why not bring them along for the Halloween festivities?
  3. Bowser & The Koopalings: If you want to bring some villains to the mix, dress up as Bowser and his children, the Koopalings. This will make for a fun and quirky group costume.
  4. Wario & Waluigi: These two anti-heroes from the Mario Bros franchise are popular characters in their own right, so why not dress up as Wario and Waluigi and join forces with Princess Peach and friends?

No matter what group costume you choose, dressing up as Princess Peach is sure to be a blast. So grab some friends, get creative, and have a fun and memorable Halloween!

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