Sean Diaz Costume

Life is Strange Sean Costume

How To Dress Like Sean Diaz From Life is Strange

How To Dress Like Sean Diaz From Life is Strange

Dress like Sean Diaz from Life is Strange; Sean Diaz cosplay costume consists of wolf squad sweatshirt, suede jacket, grey jeans, brown belt and military green backpack, to complete your Sean Diaz cosplay costume don't forget to get burgundy beanie and sneakers.

Life is Strange Sean Cosplay Costume

Life is Strange Sean Cosplay Costume

Sean Eduardo Diaz is the playable protagonist of Life is Strange 2 and a supporting character in The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

After a tragic incident leads to the death of his father Esteban Diaz and the policeman who committed suicide, Sean and his brother Daniel Diaz have to run away from his Seattle home. Fearing the police, he wants to reach her father's hometown, Puerto Lobos, Mexico, while trying to hide the emergence of Daniel's mysterious supernatural power.

Sean Diaz Cosplay Costume

During "Roads" Sean has short, short dark brown hair and is wearing a maroon hat with a yellow logo on the edge. He wears a gray-blue zip hoodie and a "WOLF SQUAD" logo over a white t-shirt, combined with gray khakis and a reddish-brown belt, the strap of which protrudes from under his hoodie. He has gray running shoes with blue laces and green markings on the feet.

According to "rules" and during the "Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit" Sean's hair has grown noticeably - his formerly short bangs now reaches his middle forehead. While in the Willamette National Forest, he's wearing a brown corduroy jacket with fleece lining and a Borg collar over his hoodie. During Captain Spirit, he wears a light orange sweater with a quarter zip over a brown hoodie. His khakis have started to develop holes in the middle of the thighs and kneecaps, and he is now wearing solid brown walking shoes. After spending some time in his grandparents' house, a bruise is sewn onto his pants.

During the opening meeting in "Wastelands", Sean wears a gray T-shirt with the "NYC-UK" logo next to orange boxers and white socks. Today Sean's hair has continued to grow, his bangs almost touching his eyebrows; Optionally, Sean can have Finn's hair cut, which results in a mohawk. He is still wearing his "WOLF SQUAD" hoodie, which shows several signs of wear; Several holes have developed in the fabric, the logo has several tears and the collar has been torn and sewn together. A patch is sewn onto his right shoulder, which represents the seal of Baphomet. His gray khakis now have more stains, including one labeled "SPACE FUCKUPS" on his back pocket and one with a skull embedded in a knife. In his tent, Sean is wearing a gray graphic t-shirt, green boxers with tadpoles and a frog next to the word "HI!" And dirty white socks. He also wears a colorful bracelet on the right wrist. Optionally, Sean can have a wolf or three Cassidy marijuana plants tattooed on his right arm.

During "Faith" Sean's hair was shaved into a buzzcut and he had a bandage over his damaged eye that made him half blind. Sean wears green hospital gowns and white socks at Sacred Hope Hospital. When he escapes from the hospital, Sean is wearing his salvaged clothes. On the way to Havens' Point Sean has his hoodie in his backpack to show his gray graphic t-shirt and is partially sunburnt. After being picked up and showered by Karen, Sean wears his khakis with a clean white t-shirt and red boxer shorts with blue whales. When Sean enters the church, he puts his hoodie back on and wears a black eye patch that his mother has provided.

During "Wolves" Sean's hair has grown back to a stage that is slightly shorter than in the "Rules" episode, but still longer than in the "Roads" episode. He wears his characteristic hoodie for a short time in favor of a dark gray and brown baseball t-shirt and wears a gray headscarf with light brown details that hang loosely around his neck to the middle of his torso, but his patched gray khakis and hiking shoes are still preserved .

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