Dress Like Jake From Stranger Things

Stranger Things Jake Costume


How To Dress Like Jake From Stranger Things

Jake stranger things Cosplay

Dress like Jake from Stranger Things;

Jake's Outfit: Jake reflects classic 80s high school fashion. To cosplay him, you will need a blue t-shirt, a lavender color short sleeve shirt, and a white jacket. 

Jake's Accessories: To complete your Jake from Stranger Things costume, don't forget to get white vintage Nike skate shoes, polarized white sunglasses and a vintage wristwatch.

Stranger Things Jake Halloween Costume

Jake stranger things Halloween Costume

Jake, played by Logan Allen, is an antagonist in the fourth season of the Netflix's Stranger Things. He is Angela's boyfriend. Jake is described as a person who, of course, is not going to stand on equal intellectual positions with others, but is not afraid to show these same people how cool he is.  Like his girlfriend Angela, Jake likes bullying, especially Eleven. Jake has no remorse for his actions. However, Jake really cares about Angela, as he was horrified when Eleven hit his girlfriend in the face with a roller skate after their cruelty towards Eleven pushed her to the limit.

Stranger Things Costume Ideas

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