Stranger Things Jake Costume Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive costume guide for transforming into Jake from Stranger Things. If you're a fan of the hit Netflix series and want to channel your inner antagonist from the fourth season, you're in the right place. In this guide, we'll walk you through every detail, from assembling the perfect outfit to mastering Jake's persona for your Halloween celebration. So, let's dive into the world of Jake and prepare for a Halloween costume that's sure to turn heads!

Items You Will Need

How To Dress Like Jake

Jake stranger things Cosplay

Step 1: Jake's Outfit
Jake's style is a reflection of classic 80s high school fashion. Begin by donning a blue t-shirt as your base layer. Over that, layer a lavender short sleeve shirt. Top off the look with a white racer jacket, capturing Jake's iconic attire.

Step 2: Footwear and Accessories
For a complete transformation, pay attention to the finer details. Secure a pair of vintage white Nike skate shoes, which are a standout part of Jake's look. Don't forget to add vintage polarized white sunglasses to capture the essence of his accessories. Finish off with a vintage Casio Men's Vintage CA53W-1 Calculator Watch to perfectly complement the character.

Step 3: Grooming and Hair
To complete the appearance, pay attention to your grooming and hair. Jake's hairstyle is typically a relaxed and natural look. Make sure your hair embodies this effortless style. A neat, clean-shaven appearance is generally a good fit for this character.

Step 4: The Yellow Notebook
Jake's yellow notebook is a quintessential accessory. Carry it with you as you stroll through the Halloween party, jotting down notes or doodles as the character would.

Step 5: The Relaxed Fit Jean
Pair your outfit with a relaxed fit jean, consistent with the 80s fashion Jake embodies. These jeans are comfortable and fitting for his character's style. With these key elements in place, you're well on your way to becoming Jake from Stranger Things.

Jake Cosplay

Jake stranger things Halloween Costume

How to Act Like Jake at the Halloween Party

Step 1: Channel the Bully Persona
Much like his girlfriend Angela, Jake took pleasure in bullying, especially those who weren't popular, like Eleven. To authentically portray Jake, embrace his mean streak. You can do this by playfully teasing and poking fun at others during the party, just as Jake did.

Step 2: Loyalty to Angela
Jake was very loyal to Angela and took an active part in tormenting Eleven alongside her. Showcase this loyalty by sticking close to your friends throughout the event, and engage in group dynamics that highlight your commitment to your social circle.

Step 3: Childish Taunting
Jake's demeanor was often characterized by childlike taunting, with a smile and taunting laughter. Emulate this aspect of his personality by playfully mocking your friends in a light-hearted way, ensuring that your tone remains teasing and not hurtful.

Step 4: Zero Remorse
Remember that Jake held no remorse for his cruel actions. If you engage in playful banter or teasing, maintain a carefree and unapologetic attitude. The key is to have fun without causing any harm.

Step 5: Caring Side
Despite his bullying tendencies, Jake does care about Angela. Emphasize this caring side by showing genuine concern for the well-being and safety of your close friends. This will create a nuanced portrayal of Jake, reflecting his complex character.

Other "Stranger Things" Halloween Costume Ideas

Stranger Things Costume Ideas

About Jake

Stranger Things Jake

To fully embrace the role of Jake from Stranger Things, it's essential to understand his character in-depth. Here's a closer look at who Jake is:

Jake, portrayed by Logan Allen, appears as an antagonist in the fourth season of Netflix's hit series, Stranger Things. He is known for being Angela's boyfriend and often indulges in bullying, especially towards those who are not considered popular, such as Eleven. Despite this, Jake remains deeply loyal to Angela and actively participates in their cruelty towards Eleven. His personality is marked by a childish and taunting demeanor, where he rarely shows remorse for his actions. However, it becomes evident that he genuinely cares about Angela, as he was horrified when Eleven struck his girlfriend in the face with a roller skate, an act of retaliation driven by their relentless bullying. Jake's character is multi-faceted, and this complexity is what makes him intriguing to portray.

Read more about Jake at:

Heroes and Villains Wiki

Stranger Things Wiki

Who Should Consider

The Jake costume from Stranger Things is a unique choice that may appeal to a specific set of individuals. Here's who should consider this costume idea:

  1. Stranger Things Fans: If you're a devoted fan of the series and are looking for a costume that ties into the show's latest season, Jake is a character worth considering.
  2. Group Costume Enthusiasts: If you plan to attend a Halloween party with friends who are also fans of Stranger Things, coordinating a group costume that includes Jake can be a fun and thematic choice.
  3. Those Who Enjoy Complex Characters: Jake's multi-faceted character, with a blend of loyalty and cruelty, offers an intriguing challenge for those who enjoy portraying complex personalities.
  4. Fans of 80s Fashion: If you have a fondness for 1980s high school fashion, Jake's costume provides an opportunity to rock a retro look while paying homage to the era.
  5. Lovers of Mystery and Intrigue: Jake's enigmatic personality and unexpected caring side add an element of mystery and intrigue, making this costume an engaging choice for those who enjoy character depth.

Consider these factors to determine if Jake from Stranger Things is the right Halloween costume for you. His character offers a unique and layered role that can be a captivating choice for the right person.

Additional Tips

About Jake From Stranger Things

To make the most of your Jake from Stranger Things costume, here are some additional tips to consider:

  1. Stay True to the 80s: Jake's character embodies the 80s high school fashion. Pay attention to details like the fit of your clothes and accessories to ensure an authentic look.
  2. Master the Taunting Laughter: Practice a playful and taunting laugh that captures Jake's character. It should be light-hearted and teasing, not malicious.
  3. Balance Loyalty and Bullying: Find a balance between showcasing your loyalty to friends and playfully engaging in bullying-like behavior, just as Jake does.
  4. Express Genuine Concern: To reflect Jake's caring side, show genuine concern for the well-being of those close to you during the Halloween party.
  5. Enjoy the Mystery: Embrace the enigmatic nature of Jake's character. Engage in conversations that leave others intrigued about your persona.

With these additional tips in mind, you'll be well-prepared to make the most of your Jake from Stranger Things costume and embody the character effectively at your Halloween gathering.

Group Costume Ideas

If you're planning to attend a Halloween gathering with friends or family and want to coordinate your costumes with others, here are some group costume ideas that pair well with Jake from Stranger Things:

  1. Stranger Things Crew: Recruit friends to dress up as other characters from the Stranger Things series. You can have Eleven, Mike, Angela, Will, and other beloved characters, creating a fantastic ensemble that represents the show.
  2. 80s High School Students: Embrace the nostalgia of the 1980s by having your group portray high school students from that era. Each member can dress in classic 80s attire, with Jake as the cool and confident leader of the group.
  3. Netflix Characters: Expand your group's theme to include characters from various Netflix shows. You can have friends dressing up as characters from different series, showcasing the diversity of content on the platform.
  4. Halloween Bullies and Victims: For a unique twist, you can have a group of bullies and their victims from popular movies and TV shows. Jake from Stranger Things can lead the bullies' group while others can portray iconic characters who faced bullies.
  5. Movie Antagonists: Join forces with friends to become famous movie antagonists. Jake can represent the antagonists' side, and your group can include villains from various classic films.


It's natural to have questions when preparing your Jake costume. Here are ten frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the Jake costume, along with answers to help you in your Halloween preparations:

FAQ 1: Where can I find the essential clothing items for Jake's costume?
Answer: You can typically find the required clothing items at thrift stores, online retailers, or in your own wardrobe if you're a fan of 80s fashion.

FAQ 2: What kind of sunglasses should I get for the costume?
Answer: Look for vintage polarized white sunglasses to match Jake's style.

FAQ 3: Do I need to have the same calculator watch as Jake?
Answer: While the same watch would be a perfect match, any vintage-style wristwatch will suffice.

FAQ 4: What type of shoes should I wear for the costume?
Answer: Opt for vintage white Nike skate shoes to replicate Jake's footwear.

FAQ 5: Is it essential to carry a yellow notebook?
Answer: While it's a great accessory, it's not essential for the costume. You can choose to carry it or leave it out based on your preference.

FAQ 6: How can I master Jake's playful taunting laughter?
Answer: Practice a light-hearted, teasing laugh, aiming for a playful and non-malicious tone.

FAQ 7: What if I don't want to engage in bullying behavior?
Answer: You can choose to downplay the bullying aspect and focus more on Jake's confident and nonchalant demeanor.

FAQ 8: Can I mix elements from different seasons of Stranger Things for my costume?
Answer: Absolutely, feel free to blend elements from various seasons to create your unique Jake look.

FAQ 9: How do I portray Jake's caring side at the party?
Answer: Show genuine concern for the well-being of your friends or group members, especially if they are attending the event with you.

These FAQs and answers are designed to assist you in your preparations and make your Jake costume experience enjoyable and authentic.


As we conclude this comprehensive guide to becoming Jake from Stranger Things, we hope you've found the information and tips helpful in your costume preparations. Whether you're a die-hard fan of the series or just looking for a unique character to embody, Jake offers an exciting opportunity for Halloween.

Remember, the key to a successful Jake costume is attention to detail in both attire and character portrayal. From the 80s-inspired fashion to the playful taunting laughter and the nonchalant attitude, every aspect contributes to a convincing portrayal.

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