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Lilith Halloween Halloween Costume

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Dress Like Lilith From Supernatural

Dress Like Lilith From Supernatural

Dress like Lilith from Supernatural;

Lilith Dress: Throughout the show we see Lilith in a couple of different vessels. She mostly prefers white outfits ( seen in black dress once). In our version she wears white bridesmaid dress.

Lilith Wig: As she mostly possesses blonde vessels you need long blonde curly wig for Lilith cosplay.

Lilith Eyes: Lilith is a kind of demon called "white eyed demon". Her eyes are her signature look. You need sclera white contact lenses.


Supernatural Lilith Cosplay

Supernatural Lilith Cosplay

Lilith was a powerful demon with white eyes and the first demon created by Lucifer. She was the last of the 66 seals that had to be broken in order for Lucifer to get free. By the time she fled Hell and easily defeated several rival demons to take over the late Azazel's former position as leader of the demon army, he had unleashed himself by her side.

Supernatural Lilith Costume

Lilith preferred to own blonde women. In season 3, she possessed mostly young girls: a brunette kid and the blond Fremont kid. Dean later hallucinated her as the latter in "Yellow Fever". When she owned Ruby's host, she discovered that she liked to be "grown up and pretty". She had another beautiful adult woman in season four. She later owned another young woman named Ashley Monroe, a blonde woman.

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