Ted Lasso Costume

Ted Lasso Costume

You need the following items for your Ted Lasso Halloween costume:

  1. Regular Fit Oxford Shirt
  2. Ted Lasso Sweater
  3. Ted Lasso Track Jacket
  4. Slim-fit Wrinkle-Resistant Chino Pant
  5. Fake Mustache
  6. Sports Whistle with Lanyard
  7. Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 92 Running Shoe

Ted Lasso is a coach who was taken from a little-known college-level American football team in Kansas to coach the English Premier League team AFC Richmond.

Recreate Ted Lasso's look by dressing up in an oxford shirt, chino pants, and fake mustache if you don't grow one yourself. You also need the props of Ted's sweater and jacket to complete our beloved Ted's look.

Ted Lasso Dress Suit Costume

Other Items Worn By Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso's joe arthuer gatestack Tee
Ted Lasso's Red Polo Shirt
Ted Lasso's AFC Richmond Puffer Jacket
Ted Lasso's Nike Jordan Delta
Ted Lasso's Ray-Ban Aviator
Ted Lasso's Believe Sticker

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How To Dress Like Ted Lasso

Ted Lasso Cosplay

Dress like Ted Lasso:

Ted Lasso Outfit: Ted Lasso has a European coach style. He likes to keep his wardrobe simple and stylish. He mostly wears chino pants with simple oxford shirts and long sleeve sweaters.

Ted Lasso Accessories: To complete your Ted Lasso look don't forget a fake mustache if you don't grow your own mustache and a sports whistle with lenyard.

Ted Lasso Outfits

Ted Lasso Halloween Costume

Ted Lasso is a coach who grew up on an obscure college-level American football team in Kansas to coach in the Premier League in England.
His main goals for the clubs and teams he coaches fall within the ambitions of the somewhat controversial "Ted Lasso Way". However, its main goal is to help players grow both on and off the field and to inspire them to grow as people.

Ted Lasso Halloween Costume

Ted had never seen football and had never been to the UK before getting the job. After arriving in the UK, Ted wanted to visit attractions like Big Ben and Tower Bridge. He also had to get used to British customs and traditions, such as the fact that tea is easier to get than coffee.

When he met Rebecca, the club's new owner, Ted was offered tea instead of his preferred option, coffee, and had temporarily disliked it. In addition, after examining the players' game and speaking to the press, it turned out that he was unfamiliar with the rules of British football such as the offside rule and terminology such as “in contact” instead of “outside”. He also said that snooker, a popular game of British billiards, sounded like some kind of biscuit

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