Winx Saga Musa Outfits

Winx Saga Musa Outfits

Other Outfits Worn By Musa From Fate: The Winx Saga

How To Dress Like Musa From Fate:Winx Saga

Winx Saga Musa Outfits

Dress like Musa from Fate: Winx Saga;

Musa Jacket: Musa wears a couple of different bombard jackets in the show. Some of them are red, purple, and light pink bombard jackets.

Musa Sweater: Musa likes wearing sweaters too. Her choices of color are mostly red, purple, and striped.

Musa Shorts: Musa mostly wears denim shorts or jeans to complete your casual style. 


Musa Halloween Costume

Winx Saga Musa Halloween Costume

Musa is one of the main characters in Fate: The Winx Saga. She is portrayed by Elisha Applebaum.
She is a mind fairy who visits Alfea and wears headphones to block other people's emotions.
A year before the series began, Musa's mother died, and because of her powers, she absorbed everything her mother felt in those final moments. The experience of losing someone who was important to her traumatized Musa so much that she was suggested to use noise-canceling headphones whenever possible to block out other people so that she could only feel their emotions.

Musa Cosplay

She is an empathetic and introverted person. Always with her magic, she wears headphones when thinking about her problems. When her mother died, she suffered the trauma of losing someone close to her.

She is an olive girl who appears vaguely punk rock. Her hair is usually pinned up in buns or braids.

Like any fairy, Musa has the ability to channel her own emotions as a source of strength to further her magic. She also has the ability to channel the stone circle.

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