Dress Like The Medic

The Medic Costume


The Medic Costume
Round Metal Frame Glasses Team Fortress 2 Medic Full Costume High Knee Boots Satterlee Bone Saw Giant Toy Syringe Medigun

You will need the following items for your The Medic from TF2 Halloween costume:

  1. Round Metal Frame Glasses
  2. Team Fortress 2 Medic Full Costume
  3. High Knee Boots
  4. Satterlee Bone Saw
  5. Giant Toy Syringe
  6. Medigun

How To Dress Like The Medic From Team Fortress 2

The Medic Cosplay

Dress like The Medic from TF2;

To dress like The Medic, you need to have round metal-framed glasses, a white medical coat, brown pants, black boots, a medical saw, a syringe, and a medigun.

The Medic Cosplay

The Medic Halloween Costume

Medic is a maniacal scientist, shown to much, like the other characters, enjoy violence at great heights, as shown in his voice lines and Meet the Team videotape, where he keeps varying organs including a dismembered head of a BLU asset, ready for use inside a fridge.

Despite this, Medic is probative and responsible to his own platoon, especially Heavy, taking the part of the only mercenary devoted to medical moxie among them. Medic is a scientific genius; contriving the Medi Gun and Kritzkrieg, calculating how numerous days they've left before the" excrescence" kills them, and indeed aiding the mastermind in his trials. His intelligence indeed outwitted Satan's, allowing Medic to escape Hell and return to the living world, revivified.

The Medic Halloween Costume

Not having the best direct fire arsenal, the Medic can usually be found near the front lines, healing wounded teammates and trying to stay out of trouble. While his medigun is trained on an ally, wounded teammates recover quickly, while uninjured teammates temporarily regain health. While healing, the medic's overload bar fills up until the weapon crackles. At this point, he can activate a lethal charge that either temporarily makes himself and an ally invulnerable, or grants his patient 100% critical shots for up to 8 seconds.

The Medic is the only class that can regenerate health over time; The longer a medic stays out of combat, the faster their health recovers. A damaged medic regenerates health at a rate of 3 HP per second, increasing to a maximum of 6 HP per second for the next 10 seconds.

The medic's main weapon by default is a syringe gun that fires syringes filled with either lethal injections or vaccines, much like a machine gun or assault rifle. A variant known as the Bloodsucker allows the medic to regain health from enemies they shoot at, but at the cost of a reduced regeneration rate over time. The Crusader's Crossbow allows the Medic to fire a single, more damaging syringe at a time, dealing more damage the farther it moves. Unfortunately, while it's still capable of dealing critical damage, it can't guarantee that from headshots like the sniper rifle or sniper's hunter.

The Medic uses a Medi Gun as his secondary "weapon", which allows him to heal other teammates and give them an overheal buff, increasing their health by 50% for a limited time. The Medic's regeneration rate also increases over time. While healing, the Medic builds up an ÜberCharge that allows the Medic to activate a charge that temporarily makes him and the healed player invulnerable for 8 seconds when fully charged. The Kritzkrieg, a variation of the standard Med weapon, allows the healed player to land guaranteed critical hits for 8 seconds, but does not make the Medic or patient invulnerable.

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