Trinity Costume

Trinity Costume

You will need the following items for your Trinity Halloween costume:

  1. Faux Leather High-Rise Leggings
  2. Faux Leather Tank Top
  3. Metallic Trench Coat
  4. Women's Multi Strap Utility Belt
  5. Leather Black Belt
  6. Trinity Cosplay Glasses
  7. Grey Pistol Set
  8. Black Gogo Boots

The love interest of Neo and the first mate of Nebuchadnezzar, Trinity is a Zion operative. Most of the humanity is imprisoned as virtual slaves in the Matrix, a sophisticated computer program in which most of the humanity is imprisoned, and Trinity is one of the few who escaped from it. Though few details are known about her previous life inside the Matrix, it is known that  Morpheus is the one who helped her escape the Matrix.

Get the look of Trinity by dressing in leather leggings, a leather tank top, a metallic trench coat, and her signature item, sunglasses. Don't forget to bring two toy/airsoft pistols to complete the look.

How To Dress Like Trinity From The Matrix

Trinity Halloween Costume

Dress like Trinity from the Matrix;

Trinity Costume:  Trinity's costume is easy to tell apart because it's all black.  Trinity's all-black outfit starts at the top with sunglasses. Then, it was paired with a leather pants and a sleeveless tank top. To complete Trinity Halloween costume, you will also need a black leather trench coat, and a pair of leather boots to make it more presentable. 

You cannot be alone in Matrix. Get a friend to dress up as Neo to face all the evil of the digital world.

Trinity Halloween Costume

Trinity, who is in her thirties, is a tall and beautiful woman, with short black hair, blue eyes, and she is physically strong and fit.

In the Matrix, Trinity is mostly seen wearing a black bodysuit and gloves and boots of the same color. She wears dark sunglasses a lot of the time, like other Red pills.

In the real world, Trinity mostly wears a gray shirt, blue pants, and dark shoes, which are standard clothes in Zion.

Matrix Halloween Costume Ideas

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