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This Halloween, step into the gritty world of HBO's "The Last of Us" as Tommy Miller, an intriguing side character and survivor of the fungi pandemic. Known for his resourcefulness and loyalty, Tommy, portrayed as Joel's younger brother, offers an ideal costume choice for fans of the series. This guide will lead you through assembling the perfect Tommy Miller outfit, capturing his rugged, survivalist style. Whether you're attending a Halloween event solo or as part of a group, the Tommy Miller costume is sure to impress any fan of the series and make for a memorable night.

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How To Dress Like Tommy From The Last of Us

Tommy Miller Halloween Costume

Tommy Miller's costume reflects his resilience and practicality in the post-apocalyptic world of "The Last of Us." Here's how to put together his iconic outfit:

Step 1: Foundation with Jeans and Shirt

  • Begin with the basics: a pair of Wrangler cowboy cut jeans and a burgundy long sleeve cowboy cut work shirt, embodying Tommy's utilitarian style.

Step 2: Layering with a Tank Top

  • Underneath the shirt, wear a classic white tank top, which Tommy often sports, adding depth to the outfit.

Step 3: The Belt and Buckle

  • Fasten a leather belt strap around your waist and add a distinctive western oval belt buckle, reminiscent of Tommy's Texas roots.

Step 4: Footwear

  • Choose a pair of sturdy Men's Highline Chelsea Boots. These boots are practical for Tommy's lifestyle and add authenticity to the costume.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

  • Complete the look with a pellet gun air rifle with scope, mirroring Tommy's preparedness for any threat. Remember to ensure any prop weapons are safe and clearly identifiable as fake.

Tommy Miller Cosplay

To truly bring Tommy Miller to life at your Halloween party, embrace his personality and mannerisms. Here are five steps to help you act like this beloved "The Last of Us" character:

How to Act Like Tommy Miller at a Halloween Party:

Step 1: Protective and Loyal

  • Tommy is known for his protective nature, especially towards his family and close ones. Exhibit a caring and watchful attitude throughout the event.

Step 2: Calm Under Pressure

  • Despite the chaos around him, Tommy maintains his cool. Practice staying calm and collected in various situations at the party.

Step 3: Strong and Capable

  • Show off your problem-solving skills and readiness to help, mirroring Tommy's ability to handle tough situations.

Step 4: Compassionate and Empathetic

  • Unlike his brother Joel, Tommy has a softer side. Display empathy and understanding in your interactions with others.

Step 5: Keep a Balanced Temperament

  • While Tommy can be quick to anger, he's also quick to cool down. If you find yourself in a heated moment, remember to step back and regain your composure swiftly.

By following these steps, you can effectively portray Tommy Miller's character, making your Halloween costume not just a look, but a complete experience.

About Tommy Miller

To fully embody Tommy Miller from HBO's "The Last of Us" for your Halloween costume, it's crucial to delve into his character. This section offers insights into Tommy's background, personality, and role in the series.

Tommy's Background and Role

  • Survivor and Soldier: Tommy Miller, portrayed as Joel's younger brother, is a survivor of the fungal pandemic that devastated humanity. His background in the military, specifically in the United States Army during the Gulf War, shaped his resilient and tactical nature.
  • Post-Apocalyptic Life: After his service, Tommy worked various jobs, often alongside his brother Joel. His experience in the army and his time as a carpenter have equipped him with skills crucial for survival in the post-apocalyptic world.

Personality Traits

  • Protective Nature: Tommy is fiercely protective of his family and loved ones, a trait that often dictates his actions and decisions.
  • Compassionate and Empathetic: Unlike his brother Joel, Tommy shows a gentler side, displaying compassion and empathy towards others, even in the harsh world they inhabit.
  • Loyal and Dependable: His loyalty, especially towards Joel, is unwavering, making him a reliable ally and a cherished family member.
  • Balanced Temperament: Tommy's military background gives him a calm demeanor under pressure, but he is also known for his quick temper, which he manages to control more effectively than Joel.

Physical Appearance and Style

  • Rugged and Practical: Tommy's attire is practical and rugged, reflecting his lifestyle and the need for mobility and utility. His clothing choice, typically involving durable jeans and work shirts, is a testament to his pragmatic approach to survival.

Role in the Story

  • Dynamic Character: Tommy's journey in "The Last of Us" is dynamic, as he navigates the challenges of the post-apocalyptic world while trying to uphold his moral values.
  • Complex Relationships: His relationship with Joel is central to his character development, highlighting the complexities of brotherhood and loyalty in a world turned upside down by catastrophe.

Understanding Tommy Miller's character from "The Last of Us" is essential for anyone looking to accurately portray him for Halloween. His blend of toughness, compassion, and pragmatic survival skills makes him a compelling character to emulate.

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Who Should Consider the Tommy Miller Costume Idea

Choosing a Halloween costume that resonates with your personality or interests can enhance the overall experience. If you're contemplating dressing up as Tommy Miller from "The Last of Us," consider the following aspects to determine if this character aligns with your Halloween vision.

Ideal Candidates for the Tommy Miller Costume

  • Fans of 'The Last of Us': If you're a fan of the game or the HBO series, embodying Tommy Miller can be a great way to pay tribute.
  • Survivalists and Military Enthusiasts: Those with an interest in survivalism or military tactics will find Tommy's character and attire appealing.
  • Rugged and Practical Dressers: If your style leans towards practical, rugged wear, Tommy's costume will feel comfortable and authentic to you.
  • Loyal and Protective Individuals: If you identify with being a protective and loyal friend or family member, you'll connect with Tommy's core traits.
  • Empathetic Souls with a Strong Moral Compass: Tommy’s compassionate nature and strong sense of morality will resonate with individuals who share these values.

Who Should Think Twice About the Tommy Miller Costume Idea? 

While the Tommy Miller costume can be a compelling choice for many, it might not suit everyone’s taste or Halloween expectations. Here are some factors to consider if you're unsure about choosing this costume.

Potential Misfits for the Tommy Miller Costume

  • Seekers of Fantastical or Extravagant Costumes: If you prefer more fantastical, colorful, or outlandish costumes, Tommy's practical and muted attire might not excite you.
  • Unfamiliar with 'The Last of Us': Those not familiar with the series might not feel connected to the character’s significance.
  • Preference for Light-hearted Characters: If you prefer dressing up as more whimsical or light-hearted characters, Tommy’s serious and somber nature might not align with your desired persona.
  • Discomfort with Realistic Military Themes: If realistic or military-themed costumes make you uncomfortable, you might want to explore other options.

In summary, the Tommy Miller costume is ideal for fans of "The Last of Us" and those who appreciate a character with depth, resilience, and a strong moral compass. However, those seeking more fantastical or whimsical costumes, or who are not fans of the series, might want to consider other characters that align more closely with their preferences or interests.

Additional Tips 

To make your Tommy Miller costume stand out, it's all about the details. Here are some additional tips to elevate your portrayal of this "The Last of Us" character.

Perfecting the Look

  • Weathering Your Clothing: To mimic the post-apocalyptic setting, consider lightly distressing your clothing. A bit of dirt or wear can add realism to your jeans and shirt.
  • Correct Posture and Gait: Tommy is a military man, so practice moving with confidence and purpose. A straight, disciplined posture can make a big difference.
  • Accessorizing Smartly: Add a few rugged accessories like a worn-out leather bracelet or a dog tag to enhance the survivor look.
  • Practical Props: Carry practical props like a mock-up map or a faux radio to emphasize Tommy's role as a survivor and tactician.

Comfort and Safety

  • Choosing Comfortable Footwear: Ensure your boots are comfortable for extended wear, especially if you plan to be on your feet for most of the night.
  • Safe Prop Weapons: If you include a pellet gun or any prop weapon, make sure they are clearly fake and adhere to event guidelines regarding costumes.

Group Costume Ideas Alongside Tommy Miller 

Dressing up for Halloween in a group can be more fun, especially if you're all characters from the same universe. Here are some ideas for group costumes that complement Tommy Miller from "The Last of Us."

The Last of Us Group

  • Joel and Ellie: Team up with friends or family members who can dress as Joel and Ellie, creating the core group from the game.
  • Riley Abel and Tess: Include characters like Riley Abel and Tess for a more extensive "The Last of Us" representation.

Survivor Squad

  • Mix of Survivors: Combine characters from various post-apocalyptic settings like "Mad Max," "Walking Dead," or "Fallout" to create a diverse survivor squad.

Military Team

  • Soldiers from Different Games: Gather a group dressed as soldiers from different video games or movies such as "Call of Duty," or "Far Cry" for a military-themed ensemble.

Heroes and Villains of Gaming

  • Gaming Icons Face-off: Mix heroes and villains from various video games, including "The Last of Us," for a unique showdown theme.

These group costume ideas can make your Halloween experience more engaging and memorable. Coordinate with your group to choose a theme that suits everyone and prepare to turn heads at the party with your collective representation of "The Last of Us" and beyond.

Tommy Miller Costume FAQs

As you prepare for your Tommy Miller costume from "The Last of Us," you might have some questions. Here's a handy FAQ section to address common queries and ensure your costume is a success.

  1. Can I use regular jeans instead of cowboy cut?
    • A: Absolutely. While cowboy cut jeans add authenticity, regular jeans can work if they match the color and style.
  2. Are the weapons necessary for the costume?
    • A: They're not essential but add to the authenticity. Use safe, clearly fake weapons to comply with event policies.
  3. Can I wear this costume in cold weather?
    • A: Yes, layer appropriately underneath. The shirt and jeans can accommodate thermal wear, and the coat provides extra warmth.
  4. How do I create a distressed look for the clothing?
    • A: Lightly rub sandpaper on the edges and seams. Add a bit of dirt or brown paint for a rugged, worn-out effect.
  5. Is it okay to modify the costume?
    • A: Personal touches can make your costume unique. Keep modifications in line with Tommy's character and setting.
  6. How should I style my hair and facial hair?
    • A: Tommy has a rugged, slightly unkempt look. A short, tousled hairstyle and a few days' worth of beard growth can achieve this.
  7. What if I don't look like Tommy physically?
    • A: Costumes are about fun and creativity. Don't worry about physical resemblance; focus on nailing his outfit and attitude.


As you finalize your Tommy Miller costume, remember that the essence of a great Halloween outfit lies in attention to detail and the spirit you bring to the character. Whether you're a long-time fan of "The Last of Us" or just appreciate Tommy's resilient survivor look, this costume offers a unique blend of post-apocalyptic ruggedness and empathetic depth.

So, gear up, get into character, and enjoy your Halloween as Tommy Miller, bringing a piece of the "The Last of Us" universe to life. Happy haunting!

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