Wild Card Costume

Diy Wild Card Costume Guide

Dress Like Wild Card From Fortnite

Fortnite Wild Card Cosplay Outfit

Dress Like Wild Card From Fortnite

Dress Like Wild Card From Fortnite; Wild Card costume consists of 3 piece white dress suit set, white dress shirt and black tie, to complate your Wild Card cosplay outfit don't forget to get Wild Card mask and black loafers.

Fortnite Wild Card Halloween Costume

Wild Card is a legendary Fortnite outfit from the Getaway gang set. Wildcard is based on the well-known diamond, spades, clubs and hearts cards. Wildcard has 4 variants. There are spades, clubs, diamonds and hearts.
Wildcard was seen in the trailer for the temporary high stakes mode. An unknown player model is used, which is also used for Heist and Inferno.

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