Old Loki Costume

Old Loki Costume

How To Dress Like Old / Classic LokiĀ 

Old Loki Halloween Costume

Dress like Old / Classic Loki from Loki (2021);

Old/Classic Loki Costume: Old Loki's costume looks like it was made for Halloween by his mother, therefore it is easy to DIY, yet it requires some tailoring. To start with your costume you need a green bodysuit, yellow superhero cape, yellow briefs, and yellow buff.

Old/Classic Loki Horns: Classic Loki's horns look similar to what we are used to, but it is a little longer.

Old/Classic Loki Accessories: To complete your Old Loki costume, don't forget yellow boots and a yellow sash. You can use the sash on the stomach area and shoulder area. You need to do some tailoring to fit the look.


Old/Classic Loki Halloween Costume

Old Loki Cosplay

Classic Loki was a variant of Loki that survived Thanos' attack on the statesman. After the Infinity War, Loki lived on an isolated planet for centuries before attempting to reunite with Thor, despite being pruned and sent into the void by the Time Variance Authority. After meeting another variant of Loki and Sylvie Laufeydottir, Loki sacrificed his life to distract Alioth, to save her, and was consumed by the beast.

Loki's life was exactly the same as its original timeline counterpart until Thanos boarded the Statesman. In that timeline, he came to be known as Classic Loki for deviating from the timeline of his original self, who broke the neck of Thanos after attempting to stab Thanos with his dagger. Instead, Classic Loki used his magic to create an illusion of himself while hiding as lifeless rubble. His illusion was subsequently killed in his place when Thanos destroyed the statesman.

Old/Classic Loki Cosplay

Classic Loki despised using his blades, claiming that it hindered their magical potential. Just like the original Loki timeline, Classic Loki loves his family as it turned out when he decided to leave the planet he had lived on for thousands of years to find his brother Thor who missed him. Classic Loki no longer seems to care about having power and control over others as he is much more humble as he fully recognizes Kid Loki as the King of the Void; Hence, the elder Loki had shown visible frustration with his younger adult tribes, calling them "animals" for maintaining their negative sociopathic habits of lying, cheating, and betraying which had to attain their constant vain obsession with "glorious power". Trustworthy.

He is also very heroic, as seen when he sacrificed himself so Alioth would not kill Loki and Sylvie Laufeydottir by distracting Alioth from Asgard with his large-scale magical illusion.

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