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Arwen Costume


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You need the following items for your Arwen Halloween costume:

  1. Lace-up Vintage Dress
  2. Full Length Velvet Cloak
  3. Arwen Wig
  4. Arwen Earrings
  5. Arwen Necklace
  6. Rhinestone Leaf Headband and Elf Ear Cuffs
  7. Elf Ears
  8. Hadhafang The Sword of Arwen
  9. Green Flat Shoes

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Arwen is the daughter of Celebrian and Elrond. She is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful and elegant elves in the Middle Earth.  She is not only beautiful, but also brave enough to rescue Frodo from Black riders. 

Cosplay Arwen Evenstar (evening star) from J.R.R. Tolkien's Lords of the Rings by dressing up in a lace up green medieval dress, a green cloak Arwen's wig, and you will also need some of her jewelry.

I am sure you are as elegant as Arwen to get all the attention at the Halloween party, but you don't have to solo this cosplay. Get your friends together for a Lords of the Rings group cosplay. Along with Arwen your group can dress up as EomerGaladriel, ElrondGimli, Legolas, Peregrin, Samwise, Bilbo, Gandalf, Frodo, Nazgul, Gollum and of course your beloved Aragorn.


How To Dress Like Arwen From Lords Of The Rings

Arwen Cosplay

Dress like Arwen Evenstar from Lords of the Rings;

Arwen Costume: For your Arwen from Lords of the Rings Halloween costume, you will need a lace up green medieval dress, a green cloak and Arwen's wig.

Arwen Accessories: To complete your Arwen Undómiel Halloween costume don't forget her earrings, necklace and headpiece. There is a chance you can find them at your local costume store. If you can't, it is easy to fin them online.

Arwen Halloween Costume

Arwen was around 2800 years old when we first saw her in LOTR movies, she is one of the most beautiful High elves in Middle-earth, with an extraordinary resemblance to her ancestor Lúthien. When Arwen and Aragorn first met in Rivendell Aragorn was a young man in his 20s and Arwen was over 2700 years old. Aragorn mistook Arwen for Lúthien, thinking he was dreaming. Aragorn felt in love with her at first sight, and his love was not unanswered. And so the story goes. Now, what better couple costume idea for any costume party? Get your Aragorn to cosplay with and have fun while all eyes are on you and your Aragorn. 


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