Ashley Spinelli Costume

Ashley Spinelli Costume

How To Dress Like Ashley Spinelli From Recess

Spinelli Cosplay

Dress like Ashley Spinelli from Recess;

Ashley Spinelli Costume: Spinelli is one of the best characters ever to dress up as. It is super cool, super easy and best of all you probably have most or at least some items already in your home. The base of your costume is a red dress that is knee-high or just over the knee-high. The second most important item is her orange beanie, as she is almost always seen wearing it. You also need a black leather jacket. It gives her a tough look.

Ashley Spinelli Accessories: To complete your Ashley Spinelli Halloween costume, don't forget to get orange & black striped tights and black motorcycle boots.

Spinelli Halloween Costume

Ashley Spinelli Halloween Costume

Spinelli is the main character of the Recess. Even though her full is Ashley Funicello Spinelli, she only goes by Spinelli as she doesn't want to be seen affiliated with "The Ashleys". She is also a member of the Recess gang.

Spinelli is short and slim. She is the second shortest of the Recess gang. She has a tomboy look. Her outfit consists of an orange beanie, with pigtail hair style, held in place by two red hair ties. She wears a black leather motorcycle jacket over a short-sleeved red dress, brown and orange striped tights and a black motorcycle boots with buckles. She explained that the boots were second-hand from her older brother.

Spinelli Cosplay

Spinelli is one of the six children in The Recess Gang and T.J.'s best friend. She is a crusty, hard-boiled romp and hates being called by her first name, Ashley, as she doesn't want to be associated with the school's famous prigs, the “Ashleys”. She often tries to incite physical violence, which is usually stopped by one of her friends. Although very violent at times, she is very kind-hearted and warm. She and Vince are seen as T.J.'s “right-hand men” on the show, and it has been unveiled many times that she has a crush on T.J.

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