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How To Dress Like Belle From Beauty and the Beast

Belle Cosplay

Dress like Belle from Beauty and the Beast;

Belle Dress: We see Belle ( Emma Watson ) in a yellow long off-shoulder dress and a pair of matching opera gloves in the famous dance scene of Beauty and the Beast.

Belle Accessories: Belle wears three jewellery; a gold branch-like necklace, a pair of floral earrings and a feather cuff bun clip. You also need a red rose.

Belle Wig: Belle has a long brown wig with a bun.

Belle Halloween Costume

Belle Beauty and the Beast

As her name suggests, Belle is very beautiful. She has medium-length light brown hair, hazel eyes, rosy cheeks, and a sculpted figure.
Belle is a very intelligent young woman because of her love for books, which gives her a wide vocabulary, stimulates the imagination, she is an endless dreamer in simple terms. Belle is very confident and does not listen to others often, she is not afraid to express her own thoughts. She is a very independent woman and does not want to be controlled by a man. Loves taking care of people in need and often dreams of a life full of adventure and romance. Belle can look beyond people's looks and into their hearts.

Belle Cosplay

Belle is the main character in Disney's 2017 film "Beauty and the Beast". She is portrayed by Emma Watson.

In the Emma Watson version, Belle is not only a bookworm but also an inventor - she uses her inventions for everyday tasks like laundry, which in turn gives her time to catch up on her reading. Her backstory with Maurice is also expanded as that version of the story confirms her mother's death.

As a result of his wife's death, Maurice is a little overprotected by Belle and has reservations about her dream of adventure.

Belle and Maurice receive an important backstory that explains why they moved to the village in the first place and why Belle has a missing mother. They lived in Paris until a plague killed their mother. Desperate to protect Belle, Maurice moved to the small, safe village. This is also an alternative reason why Maurice is leaving in the first place. His music boxes are sold once a year in a market outside the city.

Belle is an intelligent, cultured woman who is creative enough to invent the spontaneous washing machine ... and that's why almost nobody in the village likes her, even though she is nice to everyone.

While Gaston is obsessed with marrying her, it's only because she is the most beautiful woman in the village; he sees her as another price to pay to claim that his days of wartime glory are over and he has no respect for her as a person.

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