Barbara Minerva – Cheetah Costume

Barbara Minerva – Cheetah Costume

You need the following items for your Barbara Minerva/Cheetah Halloween costume:

  1. Lace Long Sleeve Shirt
  2. Faux Fur Overcoat
  3. Snake Pattern Biker Jacket
  4. Casual Mini Skirt
  5. Thigh High Boots
  6. WW84 Cheetah Costume

Dress Like Barbara Minerva / Cheetah From Wonder Woman 1984

Dress Like Barbara Minerva / Cheetah From Wonder Woman 1984

Dress like Barbara Minerva / Cheetah from Wonder Woman 1984;

Barbara Minerva / Cheetah Outfit: Barbara Minerva prefers predator pattern outfits. She mostly wears snake, big cat, etc pattern outfits. You can use a faux fur overcoat, lace shirt, fury pattern jacket.

Barbara Minerva / Cheetah Boots:  You need leather thigh-high boots.

Cheetah Costume: If Barbara Minerva's fury outfit doesn't fit you can try Cheetah cosplay which is as fury as it can be.


Barbara Minerva / Cheetah Cosplay

Barbara Minerva - Cheetah Costume

Doctor Barbara Minerva was a geologist and gemologist who worked for the Smithsonian Institution, where she became a friend of staff member Diana Prince. However, after Minerva received the powers of an apex predator from the Dream Stone, she became a cheetah-like creature and teamed up with Max Lord to fight her former friend.

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