Dress Like Betty Rubble

Betty Rubble Costume


How To Dress Like Betty Rubble From The Flintstones

Betty Rubble The Flintstones Halloween Costume

Dress like Betty Rubble from The Flintstones;

Betty Rubble Headband: #1 baby blue bow headband.

Betty Rubble Costumes: #2 classic Betty Rubble costume, #4 The Flintstones sassy adult Betty Rubble costume, #5 Rubie's The Flintstone's Betty Rubble costume, #7 blue suede tunic halter dress, #9 blue Rubble costume dress outfit, #11 fuller cut Betty Rubble costume.

Betty Rubble Costume Wigs: #3 60’s black flip wig, #10 Black Betty Wig

Betty Rubble Costume Lipstick: #6 red full-coverage lip color long-lasting universal lipstick.

Betty Rubble Stick: #8 caveman's club stick.

Betty Rubble Halloween Costume

Betty Rubble The Flintstones Cosplay

Betty is a beautiful, slim, and slender young woman with fair skin and black hair in a bob and she is considerably taller than her husband Barney. She wears a blue loincloth tube dress with a ripped hem, black straps that tie around her neck, a decorative stone sewn to the front of her chest, and a jagged bottom. She wears a blue ribbon in her hair.

Together with Wilma, Betty turned out to be the two most beautiful women of the Stone Age. To surprise Fred and Barney, the girls wore swimsuits and heels and looked more stunning than the other contestants.

Betty Rubble Cosplay

Betty's main adult character is an analog of the character of a honeymoon. Much like Trixie spent a lot of time socializing with Alice Kramden, Betty spends much of her time with Wilma, and the two will often end up working together to get their husbands out of Fred's plan that got them in trouble.

Betty can be considered the least developed character in the series, as she is rarely seen without following the lead of Barney or Wilma, of whom she often seems to be just an echo in general. Despite this, Betty is shown to have a decidedly emotional marriage to Barney, which featured frequent pet names and more obvious affection in contrast to the more dynamic and energetic interaction between Fred and Wilma.

This lack of focus and character development makes Betty less of the main character, as the general concept of the show would imply, and more of a filler character. Besides her attractiveness and beauty, Betty can also be very emotional. She gets angry and frustrated when Barney doesn't behave and she is sad at times and starts to sob when things go wrong, an example is after making a phone call about being sent to the Firemen's Ball.

She is portrayed as more stubborn and headstrong than Wilma and considerably smarter than her husband. Her jealousy is also played up.

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