Black Canary Costume

Diy Black Canary Costume From Birds Of Prey

Diy Birds Of Prey  Black Canary Costume Items

Black Canary Halloween Costume

Black Canary Halloween Costume

Dress like Black Canary - Dinan Lance from Birds of Prey; Black Canary costume consists of pull on pants for women, black wet look bustier, gold crop top carnival shirt, lots of jewellary and brown ankle boots, to complete your Black Canary look don't forget to get black choker and Suicide Squad Baseball Bat. 

Black Canary Cosplay Costume

Black Canary Cosplay Costume

Dinah Lance, better known as Black Canary, is the former Chanteuse of the Black Mask Club, former personal chauffeur and bodyguard of Roman Sionis. She is currently a member of the Birds of Prey Vigilante team. She is portrayed by Jurnee Smollett-Bell.

Birds Of Prey Black Canary Outfits

Dinah Lance's mother helped the police in Gotham with her talents, but was ultimately killed at work. As such, she is annoyed with her and has vowed not to make the same mistake despite having inherited her mother's skills.
She worked as a singer for Roman Sionis, the black mask as his club, and entertained the guests with her powerful performance of songs like "It's a Man's Man's World". She wasn't aiming at anything, but when Sionis saw her use her powerful martial arts to ward off people who attacked Harley Quinn, he decided to hire her as his new driver.

While she was in his club, she saw him intimidate a woman whom he thought would have laughed at him by standing on a table and dancing and then robbing her of her dress. When she saw that, she was disgusted and decided at that moment to turn against him.

She later joined Harley Quinn, Renee Montoya, the Huntress, and Cassandra Cain to ward him off before joining Montoya and The Huntress to shape the birds of prey.

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