Dipper Pines Costume

Dipper Pines Costume

You need the following items for your Dipper Pines From Gravity Falls costume:

  1. Orange Cotton T-Shirt
  2. Fleece Vest
  3. Grey Work Short
  4. Dipper Pines Hat
  5. Striped Athletic Socks
  6. Vans Grey Skate Shoes

Dress Like Dipper Pines From Gravity Falls

Dipper Pines Outfits

Dress like Dipper Pines from Gravity Falls;

Dipper Pines Outfit: Dipper wears an orange T-shirt, a dark blue vest, gray shorts, and white knee socks with a red stripe.

Dipper Pines Hat: Dipper's hat is blue & white with a blue pine tree on the front.

Dipper Pines Shoes: Dipper wears darkish grey sneakers with ligther soles.

Dipper Pines Cosplay

Dipper Pines Cosplay

Dipper owns a dark blue and white hat with a dark blue brim and a dark blue pine tree in the front. He has messy brown hair and relatively pale skin, and his nose is slightly darker than the rest of his face. His eyes are like Mabel's, with pocket selection. It goes with a dark blue vest, a red and orange T-shirt, gray shorts, white knee socks with red stripes, black sneakers with white soles, and a visible gray digital wristwatch. He can be seen with a new backpack. He has a birthmark on his forehead that belongs to the Great Dipper Constellation, his nickname "Dipper", to which he belongs under his pony. He is exactly one millimeter shorter than his sister Mabel Pines. His other clothes that can be seen on the show are the hat he wore to Gravity Falls, his lamb costume in "The Inconveniencing", the peanut butter costume he wore in "Summerween", the wolf costume, the Grunkle Stan Dipper as Attraction in the Mystery Shack and later in his clothes his travel guide in "Boss Mabel", the white shirt, the red bathing suit and the red and white hut that he wore as a lifeguard uniform in "The Deep End" - black trousers with V. excerpt and full-length for the Woodstick Festival in "The God of Love" and a smoker in "Northwest Mansion Mystery". From Weirdmageddon 3: Take Back the Falls, it was war and is part of Wendy's lumberjack hat.

Dipper Pines Halloween Costume

Dipper Pines is an intelligent, curious, and adventurous boy who spends the summers with Great Uncle Stan in Gravity Falls, Oregon, where he and his sister constantly encounter the city's paranormal tendencies. Armed with a mysterious diary that he found hidden in a tree in the forest, he is the main protagonist of Gravity Falls and tries to uncover the mysterious secrets of the city. Dipper is represented by the jaw in the zodiac.

Dipper is intelligent, compassionate, confident, and rational. Dipper is an adventurer at heart and can't sit down yet. He is always on the lookout for the common riddle or riddle to which it gilded belongs. His perceptible attention to detail is true when it comes to questioning his credibility. It is done that Dipper is extremely "genre-savvy". Since he knows that there is no camera in the surveillance cameras when he sees the monster, or that the camera is defective, he brings 17 cameras with him to photograph the Gobblewonker. He is wise and intelligent beyond his years, and his refusal to still sit when riddles are heard often makes him restless in undesirable states. In "Carpet Diem" he has a habit of clicking his pen in deep thought. He also prefers to be very irritated when people think he is "cute" or "adorable" as he is more traditional of the people around him to get serious as Dipper is more mature than others. He started to stare at his twin sister Mabel when she commented that he "sneezed like a kitten" in the episode "Headhunter". When Dipper and Mabel are on their adventures, Dipper is concerned about dying as personal rights, mostly because he has heard himself to be very emotional and smart. He's a little protective of seeing his sister when she's in danger, is always there to help, and will do anything to save her.


Dipper Pines costume

Dipper Pines cosplay

Dipper Pines outfits

Dipper Pines Halloween costume

Gravity Falls costumes

Gravity Falls cosplay

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