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Dress Like FNaF

Dress Like FNaF

Dress like FNaF;

Chica Cosplay: Chica is a bright yellow animatronic chicken with a spherical head, orange beak, magenta eyes, and black eyebrows. There are three "tufts of feathers" on her head. It has two claws on each of its orange feet. She wears a white bib that says "LET'S EAT !!!" in yellow bubble letters, outlined in purple and the bib is speckled with three-colored triangles in a pattern of three and seemingly tiny stylized pizza slices.


Nightmare Chica Cosplay: Nightmare Chica is a heavily degraded and heavily modified version of the original Chica animatronics. Although the damage to her torso is relatively minor, the belly of her suit is completely severed from her hips. Her bib is tapered at the bottom and almost completely torn to pieces. Nightmare Chica's lower legs are painted all orange, as opposed to yellow with orange feet, and their kneecaps appear to be missing. The hands both have a similar design to Springtrap and the other nightmare animatronics. She has orange feet with multiple tears, with most of the toes covered in black paint, as if the paint has flaked off

FNaF Foxy Cosplay: As the name suggests, Foxy is a large, animatronic fox with crimson, tattered fur. He has yellow eyes, red eyebrows, and three strands of hair on his paws. It has a hook for the right hand and the left hand is worn down to the endoskeleton. He also has an eye patch that is folded over his right eye. Above his eye, you can see that she needs to be seen. Foxy doesn't have a tail.

FNaF Nightmare Foxy Cosplay: Nightmare Foxy is a large, purple, withered version of the original Foxy with a lighter color on the belly, jaw, and some parts of its head. He has a big tear in his stomach. His brown pants are completely peeled off the shin and his endoskeleton is visible on his legs. His left hand is similar to that of Springtrap and the other nightmare animatronics but is very different from his original one in that Nightmare Foxy's hand is covered by the animatronic suit. The right hand, like its original counterpart, is replaced by a sharp metal hook. He has razor-sharp teeth and toes. Unlike its original counterpart, it lacks an eye patch.

Bonnie Costume: Bonnie is an indigo animatronic rabbit with bruises, magenta eyes, and a square muzzle. The color of the muzzle, belly, and insides of the ears is lavender. This is autumn too. He has articular ears that can bend back and forth and a red bow tie that rests on his chin. On stage, he hears a dark red guitar. In contrast to the other sufferers, he has rounded feelings and no eyebrows.

Nightmare Bonnie Costume: Nightmare Bonnie is a bluish-purple and broken animatronic rabbit. Many of his features are exaggerated, such as B. His sharp teeth, large jaw, and claws. Parts of it have a lighter purple like the snout, chin, inner ears, and belly. A large tear extends from the torso to the hips and reveals almost the entire endoskeleton below. He wears a red bow tie, just like his variants from the previous games. Like most other nightmare animatronics engineers, his overall body shape is very different from its original shape in that it is much more square and flatter. It also appears to be a bit larger than its original counterpart.

Freddy Fazbear Costume: Freddy is a brown animatronic bear with its own shade of brown on both its stomach and its swollen snout. A black top hat, a black bow tie with a neck strap and a microphone with his right hand are on the stage. He has thick black eyebrows, three toe feet, and three blackish freckles on either side of his muzzle. He saw paw-like prints from his palms and under his fingers. Its round ears are posable and so can move and move backward. Freddy has square, human-like feelings in the lower jaw and, like the correct animatronics in the pizzeria, has no visible rights to the upper jaw. His coat color in Help Wanted is more desaturated, the texture is dull and scratchy, but in Special Delivery it's reflective, audible, and drawn from a different material.

Nightmare Freddy Costume: Nightmare Freddy is a ragged and disappointing version of Freddy Fazbear, even more so than his loss in the second game. Like the last Freddy, it is brown in color with a lighter color on the belly, ears, and muzzle. His arms are bulky and drawn out, like the others to nightmare animatronics, and his black top hat and bow tie are there. The hat looks very torn and there are wires sticking out. It has long, sharp emotions and razor-sharp claws with bright yellow eyes. It is more macabre to reading than its real counterpart. The episodes are red at the end, like Nightmare Fredbear. His body shape has belonged to Freddy, is plenty of love and flat and head.

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