Dress Like Sundrop and Moondrop

Sundrop and Moondrop Costume


You will need the following items for your Sundrop and Moondrop FNaF Halloween Costume:

  1. Sundrop Costume 1
  2. Sundrop Cosplay Mask
  3. Clown Shoes
  4. Sundrop Costume 2
  5. Moondrop Costume 1
  6. Moondrop Mask
  7. Clown Shoes
  8. Moondrop Costume 2

Sun is a jester or clown-like animatronic with a stylized sun-shaped head, white eyes, and a broadly grinning expression, with one brown side of his face curving over the other half of the color and overlapping the nose, and the other half being amber. Its head has spikes around its perimeter that resemble sunbeams.

He has a lanky body with long limbs and large, opposed five-fingered hands. Sun wears a yellow two-button shirt, yellow pants with maroon stripes, and a faint maroon gradient can be seen on his body just above the fabric sash of his waist ruffles. Both his neck and waist ruffles are maroon with a yellow stripe. Sun also wears orange elf-like shoes with a star symbol on the outer part of the shoes and a moon symbol on the inner part. He has wrapped maroon ribbons with bells around his wrists. Sun's internal animatronic parts can be seen through uncovered portions of his arms, hands, shoulders, and back.

How To Dress Like Sundrop and Moondrop From Five Nights at Freddy’s

Sundrop and Moondrop Fnaf Cosplay

Dress Like Sundrop and Moondrop From Five Nights at Freddy’s;

Much like his daytime counterpart, Moon is a jester or clown with a head bearing the effigy of a grinning crescent moon, as the ruffles resembling sunbeams are gone and the right half of his face and mouth are dyed black. making the crescent-shaped half of his face stand out. His torso is painted silver and black, and there are two buttons on his chest. His arms are silver, tapering to his forearms in blue, and his hands and fingertips are also dyed blue.

On his head he wears a blue sleepyhead patterned with bright yellow stars, the end of which is decorated with a golden bell. He has blue and gold ruffles around his neck and wears puffy blue pants accented by yellow stars. Identical to Sun, Moon's waist ruffles remain maroon and gold, his shoes are still orange with moon and star symbols on them, and he keeps the same maroon ribbons and gold bells on his wrists. There is also a small latch on his back connected to a hook so he can move in the air and watch from above.

Sundrop and Moondrop Halloween Costume

Sundrop and Moondrop Fnaf Halloween Costume

As the Sun, the Daycare Attendant is upbeat and energetic, much like Funtime Freddy. He enjoys participating in activities with children such as puppet shows and drinking Fizzy Faz. When Gregory knocks over the cans to distract him, Sun quickly panics and rushes to clean them up. He is also very serious about leaving the lights on to prevent him from turning into Moon. This could be because Sun is worried about Gregory or showing fear of his other side and doesn't want to transform. However, once Gregory has turned on all five generators and reached the daycare exit to press the button, Sun becomes angry and carries Gregory out of the play area, "warning" the others at Gregory's location as punishment for not turning on the lights. This, along with his fondness for cleaning, shows that playing by the rules is very important to Sun. In contrast, the governess's room is messy and full of cobwebs, meaning Sun doesn't clean his own room. It's likely that Sun's obsession with cleaning for health and safety reasons only applies to the daycare.

Sundrop and Moondrop Cosplay

As Moon, the vicious and aggressive nanny constantly chases after Gregory after the lights go out, trying to punish him for "overstaying his bedtime." He still has a great aversion to clutter and feels compelled to tidy up like his day companion does, but to a crazier degree. This shows how strict both the Sun and Moon are in enforcing rules. However, in the later hours, he will not actively hunt and attack, instead stalking the player, dancing, and performing acrobatic tricks until the player stands near him long enough or power is not restored by the time limit. This implies that he is an energetic and unstable character.

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