Dress Like Jacob Hendricks

Jacob Hendricks Costume


You will need the following items for your Jacob Hendricks Halloween Costume:

Shadow Company
Captain Price
Farah Karim
Dmitry Bale
Philip Graves
Logan Walker
Keegan P. Russ

How To Dress Like Jacob Hendricks From Call of Duty

Jacob Hendricks Call of Duty Halloween Costume

Dress like Jacob Hendricks from Call of Duty;

Jacob Hendricks Call of Duty Costume Glove: #1 rubber guard protective full finger tactical glove.

Jacob Hendricks Call of Duty Costume Accessories: #2 tactical toy grenade, #3 drop leg gun holster, #4 External Knee Pad, #8 soft bullet toy pistol.

Jacob Hendricks Pant: #5 flex rip stop tactical pant.

Jacob Hendricks Call of Duty Costume Protective Jacket: #6 motorcycle protective jacket full body armor protection.

Jacob Hendricks Call of Duty Costume Shirt: #7 long sleeve button down camouflage printed shirt.

Jacob Hendricks Boot: #9 Reebok work rapid response safety boot.

Jacob Hendricks Halloween Costume

Jacob Hendricks Call of Duty Cosplay

Commander Jacob Hendricks is the deuteragonist, later quaternary antagonist of Call of Duty, and the deuteragonist in the Call of Duty prequel comic. He served as the leader of the Winslow Accord Black Ops team. Phi he and John Taylor took part in a daring mission to eliminate four defectors responsible for leaking classified information to the Common Defense Pact and its allies. After the mission, Hendricks requested a transfer to a hostage rescue unit, where he met the player.

Jacob Hendricks Cosplay

Hendricks was notorious among his peers for his fiery temper, evident in operations in Tashkent and Helsinki, and particularly in the hunt for Dylan Stone. He is also shown to be more emotional than the Player or Taylor, although Hendricks was formerly committed to the Winslow Accords and his allies, he put his comrades above anything else which proved to be a moral issue for him when tasked with Hunt became what she would bring down.

Hendricks also questioned the ethics of the Winslow Agreement's operations, something Taylor seemed reluctant to consider.

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