Modern Warfare Alex Costume

Modern Warfare Alex Costume

You will need the following items for your Alex from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Halloween costume:

  1. Grey T-Shirt
  2. Regular Fit Jeans
  3. Tactical Airsoft Vest
  4. Tactical Gloves
  5. Tactical Scarf
  6. American Flag Patch
  7. Olive Drab Holster
  8. Tactical Knee Pads
  9. Tactical Boots
  10. Gel Ball Blaster

Alex aka Echo 3-1 is one of the main playable characters in Call of Duty : Modern Warfare.  Even though he is a CIA officer, he fights alongside Farah Karim in her rebel group against Al-Qatala.

Cosplay Alex by heading up to a tactical gear store for gloves, knee pads, boots, vest, and scarf.  Look online for a toy sniper rifle. If you don't already own a gray t-shirt and appropriate jeans, you can easily find them at any retail store near you.

All soldiers need a partner. Why would you solo this great cosplay idea, when you can find a friend for a couple cosplay. Get your friends together to cosplay as Ghost, Alex, Dmitry Bale, Farah Karim, Jacob Hendricks, Soap to assemble your task force.

How To Dress Like Alex From Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare

Modern Warfare Alex Halloween Costume

Dress like Alex from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare;

Alex's Costume: For your Alex Halloween costume, you will need lots of tactical gear. Start with an airsoft vest, beneath the vest wear a grey t-shirt, you will also need regular fit jeans, better if ripped. 

Alex's Accessories: To complete your Alex look, don't forget to get more tactical gear such as knee pads, a holster and boots.  

Modern Warfare Alex Halloween Costume

Alex aka Echo 3-1 is one of the main playable characters in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. His mission profiles includes special reconnaissance, counterterrorism, counterinsurgency,  deconstruction of weapons of mass destruction, and information warfare. The tools he uses include network units, submachine guns, satellite phones and armed drones. Alex also led small teams trained to infiltrate enemy lines and survive inhospitable conditions in hostile places.

Captain Price
Dmitry Bale
Farah Karim
Shadow Company
Jacob Hendricks
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