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Logan Walker Costume


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How To Dress Like Logan Walker From Call of Duty Ghosts

Logan Walker Call of Duty Ghosts Cosplay

Dress like Logan Walker from Call of Duty Ghosts;

Logan Walker Costume Mask: #1 unisex ghost print stocking balaclava mask.

Logan Walker Costume Scarf: #2 cotton tactical desert scarf.

Logan Walker Costume Glove: #3 tactical glove.

Logan Walker Costume Uniform: #4 tactical military suit long sleeve fitting army uniform combat shirt pant knee pad, #6 tactical combat uniform jacket shirt pant.

Logan Walker Gun: #5 Airsoft gun package dark ops collection powerful spring rifle shotgun two mini pistols pellet.

Logan Walker Costume Vest: #7 Law enforcement tactical Airsoft paintball vest.

Logan Walker Costume Boot: #8 military tactical work side zipper leather motorcycle combat boot.

Logan Walker Halloween Costume

Logan Walker Call of Duty Ghosts Halloween Costume

Lieutenant Logan Walker is a playable character in Call of Duty: Ghosts and a fake antagonist in Call of Duty: Ghosts Deux. He is the younger brother of David Walker and the son of Elias Walker. He was a member of Ghosts until the end of Call of Duty: Ghosts, where he was captured and allegedly turned by Rorke. After his rescue, he is a distant personality and constantly changes the subject.

Logan Walker Cosplay

Logan is seen throughout the game as a quiet man, a cold-blooded killer, and a formidable soldier who rises quickly in both the Army and the Ghosts. Logan and Hesh are very protective, both are always trying to grow up but grow up together. Logan often found himself in difficult and complicated situations, but Hesh always defended him and Logan did the same.

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