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Marceline Abadeer is one of the main characters in Adventure Time and the main character of the miniseries Stakes.

Marceline is a fun-loving and playful 1,000-year-old vampire queen. Unlike a traditional vampire, Marceline doesn't need to drink blood to survive; Rather, it consumes the color red or other similar hues. Marceline is also a keen musician and plays an electric bass guitar she built from her family's battle axe. As of "Come Along With Me", Marceline and Princess Bubblegum have resumed their romantic relationship and are currently Bonnibel's girlfriend again.

How To Dress Like Marceline From Adventure Time

Marceline Halloween Costume

Dress Like Marceline From Adventure Time

Marceline has light blue-gray skin, crooked fangs, and long, midnight-black hair that reaches her feet. In the episode "Go With Me", her hair is shaved into an undercut, revealing that she has pointy ears. When she was young she wore a red shirt with a blue jumpsuit dress with white tube socks and red Mary Jane shoes.

Marceline's general appearance, particularly her blue-gray skin, fangs, and pointy ears, is an obvious result of her demonic heritage, and she shares all of these traits with her father. Her main outfit consists of a red tank top, dark blue trousers and brown leather boots.

Marceline Halloween Costume

Marceline Cosplay

After spending centuries traversing the land of Ooo, she's grown into a "fearless daredevil" and her penchant for mischief has turned her into something of a con artist. As a result, in her first role, Marceline acts as the story's antagonist, forcing Finn and Jake out of their home. However, she eventually becomes her close friend when Finn realizes that she is "a radical woman who enjoys playing games".

Marceline Cosplay

It is implied that some of her more malevolent traits stem solely from her vampire instincts. In "Red Starved", Marceline slowly becomes vicious and sinister after being deprived of food and tries to seduce Jake so she can eat him. In "Vamps About", Marceline agreed to Peppermint Butler making guns to kill her as an emergency, stating that she could have snapped and killed anyone at any time.

She can also be sentimental. She was emotionally very attached to her teddy bear, Hambo, which was given to her by Simon Petrikov; After Ash sold it to Maya, she was angry and broke up with him. Later, Princess Bubblegum got Hambo back in the episode "Sky Witch". However, she was willing to give up Hambo to help Simon reconnect with his wife Betty Grof.

Marceline seems very emotional. For example, in "What Was Missing" she appeared to be more aggressive towards Princess Bubblegum than she usually is. She is also very independent and has often acted without regard to Finn or his friends in early episodes. Marceline finds it easier to express her feelings through music, as seen in "Fry Song" and "I'm Just Your Problem", but has trouble expressing them in other ways. She keeps a journal that she uses as inspiration for songs like those on "Marceline's Closet." When Marceline read the lyrics of "Remember You", the song that Simon Petrikov had written for her, she started to cry.

Towards the end of The Dark Cloud, her personality changed slightly. Marceline had learned to mature, which is proven by accepting her immortality by declaring that she can hang out with Princess Bubblegum forever. She also learned to be more empathetic towards others. However, it is still unknown if she overcame her emptiness in the end. In Obsidian, set a few years after the series finale, Marceline has grown into a much more emotionally mature person while retaining her playfulness.

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