The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Costume

The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Costume

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Dress Like Sally From The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Christmas Costume

Dress like Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas;

Sally's Dress: Sally's dress was probably made by simply switching together. There are 6 major patterns in the dress, yellow polka dot, teal, mustard yellow with stripes, purple textured, purple checked,  and black.

Sally's Hair: Sally has red, tail bone length hair. She hides a sewing needle in her hair.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Costume

Sally is social, kind, honest, and very smart. Dr. Finkelstein, the mad scientist from Halloween Town created her, but their relationship is strained as Finklestein insists on keeping Sally on the pretext of protecting her from the excitement of Halloween. However, Sally is restless and fascinated by the wonders of the outside world.

It is this restlessness, more precisely this desire for something better in her life, that draws her to Jack Skellington. At the beginning of the film, she idolizes and admires Jack like all other female members of Halloween Town; However, she quickly notices that she is united by the desire for more in her life and that her feelings for him quickly merge. The two refer to each other as friends, although Jack doesn't seem to be aware of her real feelings for him as she is too shy to make them known except through their sweet actions.

Sally Halloween Costume

Sally Cosplay

Sally has faded blue fabric for the skin, with multiple seams all over her body, and is quite slim. She has large eyes with small black pupils and red lips. Her hair, in which she hides a sewing needle, is reddish and kept at hip length. Sally is filled with fall leaves.

Sally wears a knee-high, ragged dress with a V-neck, which was made by simply sewing together colorful pieces of fabric. She also wears black high heel boots with black and white striped socks.

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