Dress Like Sally From The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas has become a beloved classic for many during the Halloween season. And what better way to pay homage to this spooky film than by dressing up as its beloved ragdoll character, Sally? Sally's costume is a great option for Halloween parties, cosplay events, and even movie screenings. In this blog post, we'll guide you through the steps to creating your own Sally costume.

The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Costume


You will need the following items for your Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween costume:

  1. Sally Dress
  2. Sally Wig
  3. Sally Tights
  4. Liquid Red Lipstick
  5. Sky Blue Face & Body Make-Up
  6. Striped Dress Socks
  7. Makeup Guide (YouTube)
  8. Black Ankle Boots
  9. Sally Costume For Girls

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Jack Skellington
Oogie Boogie

How To Dress Like Sally From The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas Sally Christmas Costume

The first thing you'll need is Sally's signature dress. Her dress is a patchwork of different fabrics in shades of blue, green, and black. To create this look, you can either sew different scraps of fabric together or purchase a pre-made Sally dress. There are plenty of options available online, so you'll have no trouble finding the perfect one for you.

Next, you'll need to create Sally's face. Her face is made up of stitches, which you can recreate using makeup. First, apply a white base to your face. Then, using black eyeliner or face paint, draw stitch marks around your eyes, nose, and mouth. Finish off the look with some red lipstick to recreate Sally's lips.

To complete the look, you'll need to add a few finishing touches. Sally wears black and white striped tights and black shoes. You can find these items at any costume store or online. Additionally, you can add some extra details to your costume by adding a blue wig to recreate Sally's hair, or carrying around a jar of deadly nightshade to really bring the character to life.

Sally Cosplay

The Nightmare Before Christmas Halloween Costume

If you've decided to dress up as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas for Halloween, it's important to also get into character and act like her at the party. Here are some tips to help you channel Sally's personality and mannerisms:

  1. Be shy and reserved: Sally is often timid and reserved, so try to be more introverted in social situations. Speak softly and politely, and avoid drawing too much attention to yourself.
  2. Be creative: Sally is a skilled seamstress and is constantly making new creations out of scraps and leftovers. If you're a creative person, take this opportunity to show off your skills and make something unique for the party.
  3. Be kind-hearted: Sally has a good heart and is always looking out for others. Offer to help those in need and be a friend to those who may be feeling lonely or left out.
  4. Be intelligent: Sally is a highly intelligent character, so try to show off your smarts in conversations. Use big words and talk about interesting topics to engage those around you.
  5. Be resourceful: Sally often uses her creativity and intelligence to find solutions to problems. If a situation arises at the party, be the one to come up with a creative solution to help out.
  6. Be curious: Sally is always seeking knowledge and understanding, so ask questions and be curious about the world around you. This can also help you to make new friends and learn new things at the party.
  7. Be independent: Sally is a strong, independent woman who doesn't rely on others to get things done. Don't be afraid to take charge of a situation or be a leader if needed.

By following these tips, you can fully embody Sally's character at your Halloween party and impress your friends with your attention to detail. Just remember to have fun and stay true to yourself!

Sally Halloween Costume

In conclusion, dressing up as Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas is a great way to celebrate Halloween and pay homage to this beloved movie. With a few simple steps, you can easily recreate her iconic look and impress all of your friends at your next Halloween party or cosplay event. Don't be afraid to get creative and add your own personal touch to the costume - after all, that's what Sally would do!

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