Dress Like Mervyn Pumpkinhead

Mervyn Pumpkinhead Costume


You will need the following items for your Mervyn Pumpkinhead Halloween costume:

  1. Stone Washed Overall
  2. Long-Sleeve Shirt
  3. Pumpkin Head Mask
  4. Bow Tie
  5. Cleaning Bucket
  6. Cleaning Brush
  7. Fake Cigars
  8. Ankle Boots
  9. Leather Gloves
  10. Casual Belt

Mervyn Pumpkinhead is a janitor and cleaner in Dreaming the kingdom ruled by King Morpheus. As Dreaming's janitor and cleaner, he wears overalls and gloves and is often seen carrying a broom and a cleaning bucket.

In the series, you can see Mervyn Pumpkinhead cleaning up, talking to Lucienne in the library, watching his Vortex (Rose Walker), or the following Corinthian on a rare occasion.

How To Dress Like Mervyn Pumpkinhead

Mervyn Pumpkinhead Outfits

Dress like Meryn Pumpkinhead from The Sandman;

Mervyn Pumpkinhead Costume: For your Mervyn Pumpkinhead Halloween costume, you will need a stone washed Overal, a long-sleeve shirt and ankle boots.

Mervyn Pumpkinhead Accessories: To complete your Mervyn Pumpkinhead look, don't forget to get Pumpkin Head Mask, a bow tie, a cleaning bucket, a cleaning brush, fake cigars, leather gloves and a casual belt.

Mervyn Pumpkinhead Halloween Costume

Mervyn Pumpkinhead Halloween costume guide

Mervyn Pumpkinhead is a smart, funny, loyal janitor living in Dreamland. Mervyn Pumpkinhead is constantly cleaning. He did not appear much in the first season of The Sandman. It is possible to see this funny character more in the following seasons.

Actor Mark Hamill voices Mervyn Pumpkinhead.

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