Brooke Thompson Costume

American Horror Story Brooke Thompson CostumeĀ 

Dress Like Brooke Thompson From American Horror Story

Dress Like Brooke Thompson From American Horror Story

Dress like Brooke Thompson from American Horror Story;

Brooke Thompson Bustier: Brooke wears a floral red & black bustier.

Brooke Thompson Jacket: Brooke wears a red, short leather jacket that matches the floral patterns in her bustier.

Brooke Thompson Accessories: To complete your Brooke from American Horror Story costume don't forget to get a chain choker necklace, black ankle boots, and black jeans.


AHS Brooke Thompson Outfits

AHS Brooke Thompson Outfits

Brooke is a brunette woman with short figure. She has long straight hair and is a jewelry lover. She often wears formal and cozy outfits.

Brooke is a naive doe-eyed young woman who appears to be interested in serial killers. Despite her purity, she is fragile and can easily be pressured to drink with her fellow counselors. Her encounter with Richard Ramirez left her traumatized and extremely cautious about any threat. Little medical knowledge from her veterinary background, Brooke helped Ray Powell tie his cut.

AHS Brooke Thompson Halloween Costume

Brooke grew up as the smartest kid in her class, taking first place in many subjects. Joey Cavanaugh was jealous of Brooke's intelligence and always finished second. He started nasty rumors about her, which resulted in her classmates refusing to speak to her. Brooke purposely failed her class to stop the terrible rumors. Once, Joey managed to be top of the class. he asked Brooke for ice cream. The two began dating and soon became engaged.

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