Natsuki Halloween Costume 2020

Doki Doki Literature Club Natsuki Costume

Doki Doki Literature Club Natsuki Costume

Natsuki Cosplay Items

Dress Like Natsuki From DDLC

Dress Like Natsuki From DDLC

Dress like Natsuki from Doki Doki Literature Club, Natsuki cosplay costume consists of navy & brown uniform of DDLC girls, pink cosplay wig, red ribbon for hair, white knee high socks, to complete yor Natsuki look don't forget to get blue & white shoes of Natsuki.

DDLC Natsuki Cosplay

DDLC Natsuki Cosplay

Natsuki is one of the five protagonists in the Doki Doki Literature Club !, one of the five members of the Literature Club and one of the three characters for which the player can write poems.

Natsuki Halloween Costume

Natsuki has short, smooth pastel pink hair and pink eyes. She also has a red hourglass hair clip on the right side of her bangs and two red ribbons that form two small twin tails. The rest of her hair is short and she has little bangs on the side of her face and little strands of hair on her forehead. Unlike the other girls, her canines are longer than the rest of the teeth, which makes them visible when she opens her mouth wide enough.

Natsuki wears the traditional school uniform like the other characters for most of the game. It's a warm gray blazer and under a brown sweater vest over a white collar shirt covered with a red ribbon and dark blue skirt and white knee high socks and white Uwabaki slippers with sky blue lace. When the player chooses her way on day 3, she wears a light pink frill skirt with black trimmings, a white shirt with short sleeves, which is decorated with a light pink cat face on the left breast, and light pink decorations on the edges of the sleeves. Two black bra straps can be seen under the shirt.

She is the shortest figure in the literary club, which is why people often consider her a first year student. Her low stature is believed to be due to her being younger than the rest of the cast.

About Natsuki From DDLC

At first glance, Natsuki appears to be a brazen, boring, moody and seemingly arrogant girl who, due to uncertainty, has a sweet, softer interior and convinces Monika enough to classify her as the embodiment of a Tsundere. While Natsuki is impulsive and can speak without thinking, she really cares about her friends and doesn't enjoy fighting or arguing with people, even when she has obvious anger problems.

The game shows that she is worried about Yuri, and once she gives the protagonist a note asking him to help Yuri, she fears that if she speaks, it will lead to further arguments. Natsuki is very stubborn and has a hard time expressing how she feels and what she wants. When repeatedly challenged, she often becomes awkward and speechless, then aggressive, and then simply bursts into tears.

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