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Doki Doki Literature Club Sayori Costume

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Dress Like Sayori From DDLC

Dress Like Sayori From DDLC

Dress Like Sayori From Doki Doki Literature Club! Sayori costume consists of blue & brown uniform of DDLC girls, pink short bob wig, red bow headband and white knee high socks, to complete your Sayori cosplay look don't forget to get blue & white cosplay shoe of Sayori.

Doki Doki Literature Club Sayori Cosplay

Doki Doki Literature Club Sayori Cosplay

Sayori is one of the five protagonists of the Doki Doki Literature Club !, one of the five members and the Vice President of the Literature Club.

DDLC Sayori Halloween Costume

Sayori has coral pink hair that is cut short and slightly curled at the ends, with a large red bow on the left side of her head. Her eyes are sky blue and she is average in size and heavy. She wears the normal school uniform like the other members of the literary club, a warm gray blazer with a brown sweater vest underneath over a white shirt with a collar, the collar of which is slightly unbuttoned and crowned with a red ribbon, although unlike the other. Sayori also unbuttoned her blazer.

She also wears a dark blue skirt, white knee socks, and white Uwabaki slippers with sky blue tips. The next day, protagonist Sayori explains how she has to hurry in the morning to get ready, which leads to disheveled hair, a crowded bow and some toothpaste on her often crooked collar.

About Sayori From Doki Doki Literature Club

Sayori is depicted as the archetype of a Genki girl who expresses a talkative and happy mood. She is very clumsy and is known for finding ways to accidentally injure yourself or drop things. Regardless, it is shown that she is a smart person who can make others eat.

She is usually the only character other than the protagonist to resolve arguments. Monika notes that her feelings are necessary to maintain a relaxed atmosphere in the literature club. Monika notes that while Sayori looks like a good leader, Sayori usually treats people better, especially mediations. Sayori tries her best to help everyone be happy, and dislikes attention focused on her wellbeing because she feels unworthy of what others have to offer her.

Sayori is also introduced as the main character's best friend. The main character seems to think at the start of the game that she is airy and a bit annoying, but he starts to sympathize with her after Sayori confesses to her depression.

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