Power Puff Girls Bubbles Costume

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Power Puff Girls Bubbles Costume

You need the following items for your Bubbles Halloween costume:

  1. Bubbles Dress
  2. Bubbles Wig and Glasses for Girls
  3. Black Mary Jane Shoes
  4. White Thigh High Socks

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How To Dress Like Bubbles From Power Puff Girls

PowerPuff Girls Bubbles Halloween Costume

Dress like Bubbles from The Power Puff Girls;

Bubbles' Costume:  Bubbles always wears her dress, which is in her signature color sky blue. Even though some people think that she wears a wide black belt, it is actually just a wide black stripe. If you are blonde just shape your hair accordingly, if not, you can get a wig & glasses set.

Bubbles' Accessories: To complete your Bubbles Halloween costume, don't forget to get white tights and black Mary Jane shoes.

Bubbles Halloween Costume

PowerPuff Girls Bubbles Cosplay

Bubbles is one of the characters of the animated series "Power Puff Girls". She fights crime together with her sisters Blossom and Buttercup. She is the most emotional one of the group.

Bubble has blonde hair braided in two pigtails and big sky-blue eyes. Her dress is sky blue with a black stripe in the center, she wears white tights and black Mary Janes.

Bubbles Cosplay

Bubbles is really prone to excessive emotionality, despite the habit of being capricious, naive, and sensitive, which leads to the fact that she is sometimes considered the weakest link of the group. She can be very prone to tears. However, she can become very independent and aggressive, not to mention extremely insane when she succumbs to temptation, as seen in Bubblevicious. Mojo Jojo is most afraid of her after she single-handedly knocked him down in a fit of rage in the aforementioned episode. At one point Bubbles gets a hard blow to the head and disguises herself as a Mojo to fight his sisters.


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