Princess Elena Halloween Costume 2020

Princess Elena Halloween Costume

Dress Like Princess Elena From Elena Of Avalor

Dress Like Princess Elena From Elena Of Avalor

Dress like Princess Elena from Elena Of Avalor;

Princess Elena Dress: Elena wears red &white dress with lighter red collor and gold color belt. It is available for both adults adnd kids.

Princess Elena Shoes: Elena wears mid heel shoes that completes her dress.

Princess Elena Scepter: Elena's scepter, Scepter of Ligh, was given to her by her father. It has great magical powers.

Princess Elena Accessories: To complete your Princess Elena halloween costume don't forget to get floral hair clips, amulet of avalor necklace and beaded bracelet.

Princess Elena Costume

Princess Elena Costume

Elena is a 20 year old girl with olive skin, a delicate figure and amber eyes. She has ruby red lips and long, wavy, dark brown hair that is pulled back in a ponytail.

Her characteristic outfit is a long, red sleeveless overskirt with matching ruffles / flounces made of coral gauze on the elastic neckline and an ivory-colored underskirt on the side and on the bottom. Around her waist is a gold belt with a gold buckle. She wears brown high-heeled shoes with floral prints.

Princess Elena Cosplay

Elena has the heart and mind of a true leader. She is committed to the welfare of her subjects, her family and friends. It is shown that she holds her father in high esteem and is inspired by him. Like the princess who freed her, Elena takes great care to keep promises no matter what, and has a strong dislike for disappointing loved ones, so much so that she can accept more than she can handle. Like Sofia, she has a personal approach to leadership and a disregard for her own personal safety.