Winifred Sanderson Costume

Winifred Sanderson Halloween Makeup

If you want to DIY Winifred Sanderson Makeup and hair watch the video for a step by step tutorial. You can also find all needed makeup items below.

Winifred Sanderson Halloween Costume

Winifred Sanderson Halloween Costume

Winifred Sanderson and his two sisters lived in the 1600s. They sold their souls to Satan in exchange for magical powers and an incredible book of magic. Needless to say, Winnie is a witch. He's very powerful. Sadistic, moderate and cruel: all the features that make him a typical witch. He is also very cunning as the de facto leader of the trio of witch sisters.

Winifred's outfit is definitely out of date in the modern world. She prefers a beautiful green renaissance dress, an emerald green cloak, black and green striped knee-high stockings and black ankle boots. Here's everything you need to look like Winifred Sanderson

Dress Like Winifred Sanderson

Winifred's most striking feature is her fiery red hair, which she wears in a pronounced, curved fluffy style. She wears green shades on a green and dark purple dress that contrasts nicely with her hair in the form of a velvet dress with rich embroidery. Winifred, with its eyebrow, full tooth and claw-like nails, cuts an unforgettable figure, enriched with a strong coarse cheek and unique lipstick mouth.

Winifred is very dramatic, sadistic and cranky, which makes him more deadly if he's not careful. In vain, he becomes very angry whenever he is called ugly and punishes anyone who dares to do so immediately. When he caught up with his lover Billy Butcherson, he was cheating on him with his beautiful sister Sarah, flew into jealous fury and poisoned him, closing his lips with a boring needle.

As the eldest of his sisters, their leader would probably be because of the qualities his sisters could not have, because of his cunning and competence. Mary is her right-handed witch and constantly compliments Winnie, but Sarah's particularly air-headed nonsense makes Winnie angry before it's over.

However, her idolized mother tolerates them either because she wants them, or because they have the unique powers they need for their plans. Its unique strength is electrokinetic, which can easily and painfully suppress pesky old siblings in its path.

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