Descendants Carlos Costume

Descendants Carlos Costume

Dress Like Carlos From Descendants

Carlos Descendants 2

Dress like Carlos from Descendants;

Descendants Carlos Costume: In Descendants 2, Carlos wears a red, black and white jacket with his emblem on the back. He is carrying a small leather bag with his emblem on his right hip. He wears black studded fingerless gloves and his usual shorts with a red sash around his waist.

Descendants Carlos Hair: Carlos has silver hair with black roots. After the first movie, his hair has grown longer on the right side and parted on the left

Descendants Carlos Boots: Carlos' shoes are the regular dark red with fake furs around the ankles.

Descendants Carlos Halloween Costume

Carlos Descendants 2 Cosplay

Carlos is a teenage boy with a pale complexion and freckles all over her skin. Following the black and white pattern, his mother hat Carlos has white hair with black roots. His style is differentiated from black, white and red. Like the majority of the inhabitants of the Isle of the Lost, the fabric of his clothing is made of leather or the guide of his rights. He often belongs to shorts, interests of dark red boots.
In Descendants and Descendants: The Evil World, Carlos wore a black shirt with white stripes. Outside he wore a jacket with long red sleeves, the right side is white, the left side is black, the collar is made of faux fur and on the basis has his own coat of arms made of crossbones. His shorts the same black and white pattern as his jacket. As an accessory, Carlos had faux fur and his right hip, which included a black tail with a white tip. He also wore a pair of red fingerless gloves.

Descendants Carlos Cosplay

In descendants 2, Carlos' appearance changed again since we last saw him. His hair has grown on the right side and parted on the left. His clothes have changed to different patterns: his jacket has different red, black, and perceptual colors; His emblem is located in the same way as his jacket. He belongs to a small leather bag with his emblem and right hip. His undershirt is red, with a white, torn t-shirt and the jacket is. He belongs to black studded fingerless gloves. He heard his heard shorts with a red sash around the waist. His shoes are the other dark red with right furs around the ankles.

Carlos is one of the nicest VKs and is rarely seen doing bad things. He's been a slave for a long time, is obedient, and doesn't like the idea of breaking rejection. He tends to follow what his mother tells him and what his friends do. His mother worries and he is more of an owner than an owner and Carlos longs to be his own.

Carlos was younger and better weaker than the rest of his class and was a target of bullies. After becoming the advocacy group Carlos, he expected that he would be a lot smarter than her. A true technology prodigy, he has a project management team that should involve the Isle of the Lost with the outside world.

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