Deathstroke Costume

Deathstroke Costume

How To Dress Like Deathstroke From Dc Extended Universe

Deathstroke Cosplay

Dress like Deathstroke from Dc Extended Universe;

Deathstroke Costume: For your Deathstroke Halloween costume, you will need to start with his (in)famous orange and black mask, and an orange motorcycle jacket and pants set would be a good choice to complete the base of your costume.

Deathstroke Accessories: To complete your Slade Wilson Halloween costume, equip yourself with two katana swords, tactical leather gloves, and black tactical boots. 


Deathstroke Halloween Costume

Deathstroke Outfit

Slade Wilson, played by Joe Manganiello, is one of the most dangerous hitmen alive, a bounty hunter and a contract killer operating under the pseudonym Deathstroke. He is one of Batman's opponents.

As an assassin for hire, Slade Wilson is cold, brusque, and short-tempered, he is also a very intelligent person. His brute strength and his incredible intelligence are what makes him the most dangerous assassin in the world.  Deathstroke really doesn't like psychopathy and unskillfulness, as he was clearly annoyed by having to work with the Joker in the Knightmare timeline.

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