The Sandman Lucienne Costume

The Sandman Lucienne Costume

You need the following items for your Lucienne Halloween costume:

  1. Dressy Suit Vest
  2. Retro Glasses
  3. Magnifier
  4. Basic White Shirts
  5. Elf Ears
  6. Dress Pants
  7. Leather Journal Writing Notebook

Lucienne is a mostly lonely librarian working in Dreamland, but you don't have to solo this extraordinary cosplay. Get some friends or family members together to dress up as Lucifer, Corinthian, Death and of course Dream, alongside Lucienne. 

How To Dress Like Lucienne From The Sandman

Lucienne Halloween Costume from The Sandman

Dress like Lucienne from The Sandman;

Lucienne Costume: For your Lucienne Halloween costume, you will need a dressy suit vest, a white basic shirt and black dress pants.

Lucienne Accessories: To complete your Lucienne look, don't forget to get retro glasses, a magnifier, elf ears and last but not least, a leather journal writing notebook.

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Lucienne Halloween Costume

Lucienne Halloween Costume

Lucienne is in charge of the library at Kingdom of Dreams. He is a loyal and intelligent character who does not betray Lord Morpheus. Lucienne's Lord Morpheus is captured by a team of wizards. The Empire of Dreams remains Lordless. For 10 years Lucienne waits for her king. During this time he takes care of the kingdom itself.

As Lucienne prepared to leave The Dreaming in search of The Corinthian, she worried that Dream might not return. No matter how powerful he was in his own realm, dreams would rarely survive in the waking world. Nightmares, on the other hand, seemed to thrive there. Lucienne's worst fears were confirmed when Dream did not return when she arrived at the shores of The Dreaming more than a century later after escaping prison. As they neared the palace gates, Lucienne informed Dream that the kingdom and palace were no longer what she left them. You are indeed lazy. After the dream had passed so long, the kingdom began to fall apart and most of the residents were gone. Some sought him, others thought he had left him, for he was not the first Eternal to do so.

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