Mastering the Art of Impersonation: A Complete Tyrion Lannister Costume Guide

Welcome to our Tyrion Lannister Costume Guide! If you're a fan of Game of Thrones, you know that Tyrion Lannister is more than just a dwarf; he's a character with intelligence, wit, and charm that have made him a beloved figure in the series. In this guide, we'll show you how to become the cunning and charismatic Tyrion for your Halloween festivities.

Tyrion Lannister Costume


How to Dress Like Tyrion Lannister


To transform into Tyrion Lannister, follow these five essential steps:

Step 1: The Wardrobe:

Tyrion's signature look is distinctive and medieval. Start with a Tyrion Lannister Cosplay Costume. This ensemble captures his unique style.

Step 2: The Footwear:

Complete your costume with black medieval boots that add an authentic touch to your Tyrion Lannister attire.

Step 3: The Pin of Power:

Tyrion is known for his influential role as Hand of the Queen. Don't forget to wear a Hand of The Queen Pin to symbolize his authority.

Step 4: The Wig:

Tyrion's hairstyle is iconic. Ensure you match it perfectly with a Tyrion Lannister Wig, replicating his look from the series.

Step 5: The Toasting Glass:

To fully embrace Tyrion's character, carry an "I Drink and I Know Things" Wine Glass, a humorous nod to his love of wine and sharp intellect.

Tyrion Lannister Cosplay

To truly embody Tyrion's character, follow these five steps:

  1. Confidence: Tyrion's confidence is unmatched. Hold your head high and engage in conversations with self-assuredness.
  2. Wit and Humor: Emulate his quick wit and humor by engaging in clever banter and delivering humorous one-liners.
  3. Intelligence: Showcase your intellect through thoughtful conversations and problem-solving. Tyrion is known for his brilliant mind.
  4. Charm: Tyrion's charm is undeniable. Be charismatic and connect with others effortlessly.
  5. Kindness: Like Tyrion, protect the innocent and show kindness. He has a soft spot for underdogs, so be empathetic.

About Tyrion Lannister

Tyrion Lannister is a character of depth and complexity within the Game of Thrones universe. Born as the youngest child of Joanna and Lord Tywin Lannister, Tyrion's life has been marked by both privilege and prejudice. House Lannister, led by his father Tywin, is one of the wealthiest and most powerful houses in the Seven Kingdoms. However, Tyrion's dwarfism set him apart from his family and society, leading to a tumultuous journey.

His mother, Joanna, tragically died during childbirth, a fact that his father and sister Cersei have blamed him for ever since. Despite these challenges, Tyrion's intelligence and education have allowed him to flourish. His quick wit and sharp mind are his greatest weapons, making him a formidable player in the political intrigues of Westeros.

Tyrion's character is a complex blend of humor, vulnerability, and resilience. He is known for his love of books, wine, and his knack for finding humor in dire situations. While his family may not fully appreciate him, fans of Game of Thrones have embraced Tyrion Lannister as one of the series' most beloved and memorable characters.


Additional Tips

Perfecting your Tyrion Lannister costume and character goes beyond just the physical appearance. To truly embody the essence of this iconic character, consider the following additional tips:

  • Study Tyrion's Dialogues: Watch episodes of Game of Thrones that feature Tyrion and pay close attention to his unique way of speaking and his witty one-liners. Practice emulating his speech patterns and humor.
  • Master the Walk: Tyrion has a distinctive gait due to his dwarfism. Observe his walk in the series and try to replicate it for added authenticity.
  • Research His Background: Dig deeper into Tyrion's backstory by reading A Song of Ice and Fire novels by George R.R. Martin, upon which the TV series is based. This will provide you with a richer understanding of his character.
  • Watch Interviews: Look for interviews with Peter Dinklage, the actor who portrays Tyrion. Gain insights into how he approached the character and brought him to life.
  • Embrace His Complexity: Remember that Tyrion is not just a humorous character; he has layers of vulnerability and resilience. Incorporate these aspects into your portrayal for a more authentic experience.


 Other Costume Ideas Alongside Tyrion Lannister for a Group Costume

Creating a Game of Thrones-inspired group costume can be a thrilling endeavor. While you take on the role of Tyrion Lannister, consider these character ideas for your friends to join your Westerosi crew:

  • Jon Snow: The honorable King in the North with his iconic fur-trimmed cloak and sword, Longclaw.
  • Daenerys Targaryen: The Mother of Dragons, known for her distinctive white hair and dragon-themed attire.
  • Cersei Lannister: The cunning queen regent who embodies regal elegance and ambition.
  • Jaime Lannister: The skilled swordsman, often seen in his Kingsguard armor and with his golden hand.
  • Arya Stark: The fierce warrior, recognized by her agile and stealthy appearance.

Forming a Game of Thrones ensemble will not only enhance the overall experience but also allow you to reenact your favorite scenes and create unforgettable memories together.


As we conclude our Tyrion Lannister Costume Guide, you're now armed with the knowledge and insights needed to step into the shoes of one of Westeros's most captivating characters. Embrace Tyrion's quick wit, intelligence, and humor as you embark on your Halloween adventure.

Remember that Tyrion's character is a testament to resilience and the power of wit over physical appearance. As you raise your "I Drink and I Know Things" wine glass, channel his spirit and enjoy the festivities. In the words of Tyrion Lannister himself, "Never forget what you are. The rest of the world will not. Wear it like armor, and it can never be used to hurt you." With that wisdom in mind, go forth and conquer your Halloween celebration, charming the Seven Kingdoms one party at a time!

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