Dress Like Uma

 Uma Descendants 3 Costume 


Uma Descendants 3 Costume

Descendants 3 Uma Costume

Uma Descendants 3 Costume Guide

Uma is a main character, in Descendants 2 and the deuteragonist for Descendants 3. She is the daughter of Ursula, Mal's former archenemy and leader of a colorful pirate crew. Uma has used Mal's absence on the Island of the Lost to become the new self-proclaimed queen of the island. Uma is portrayed by China Anne McClain.

Descendants 3 Uma Halloween Costume

Uma is a beautiful, medium-sized, dark-skinned girl with thick, long turquoise hair that's woven in plaited dreadlocks. Her make-up is easy, with the exception of her turquoise eyeshadow.

In Under The Sea: A Descendants Story, her wardrobe is now a silver, clear, fish-scale shirt dress with fishnet-like sleeves. She still has her original hat and hair.

In Descendants 3, their looks change drastically. Her hair now has a crown braid, which is smooth and slightly wavy and also contains small braids. She also wears golden starfish and shells in her hair. She wears golden shell earrings. Her main outfit in the movie is a sleeveless jacket reminiscent of her original, and a black mesh shirt underneath.

She also wears blue-green and black leather pants with golden, sparkling patches and blue-green tassels. She now wears light aqua boots in a similar shape to her original style.

Dress Like Uma Descentdant 3

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