Uma Costume Guide

Uma, daughter of Ursula, is a fierce force with a rebellious style that commands attention. This costume guide will help you recreate Uma's iconic "Descendants" look, offering step-by-step instructions and styling tips. We'll explore transforming Uma's look into a captivating couple's or group costume and delve deeper into her captivating personality. Through my years of crafting costumes, I'll provide insights to ensure your Uma costume is as authentic as it is impressive.

  • Difficulty: 6/10  Uma's look involves some DIY elements (vest, accessories) that require moderate crafting skill. However, her core outfit is fairly straightforward. If you're new to DIY, the difficulty might be closer to a 7 or 8.
  • Can you build it from your own wardrobe:  Finding the exact shade of turquoise for her top/vest might be tricky. Boots and a belt could potentially be sourced from your wardrobe. Overall, some purchases will likely be necessary for a truly authentic look.
  • Scare factor: 2/10 - Uma's more mischievous and defiant than scary. Her pirate vibe can be slightly intimidating, but she's not meant to be a horrifying character.
  • Cost: $$$$$ Here's a rough breakdown:
      • Basic (from your wardrobe or thrifted): ~$20-$50 This assumes some items are on hand, and you'd need to purchase materials like fabric dye and embellishments. Thrifting could score you a bargain on a base vest and boots.
      • Mid-range (mix of new and pre-owned items): ~$50-$100 This allows for buying a new top/vest in the perfect color, plus additional crafting materials and unique accessories.
      • High-End (replica pieces): ~$150+ Investing in an exact replica vest, pre-made accessories, and potentially even a high-quality wig would easily push you into this price range.

 Uma Costume Essentials

How to DIY Uma's Iconic Look

Uma's style is all about commanding attention! Let's break down those eye-catching elements and explore how to capture her rebellious sea-queen essence. If you'd rather assemble your Uma costume from ready-made pieces, check out our curated shopping list above. But if you're ready to unleash your creativity, let's get crafting!

Uma's Textured Turquoise Vest

What You Need:

  • Base Vest: Faux leather or a sturdy, textured fabric in turquoise blue. A second-hand vest is perfect for customization.
  • Optional Accent Fabrics: Scraps of blue and gold fabrics with interesting textures (lace, fishnet, velvet remnants).
  • Fabric Paints: Turquoise, darker blue, and metallic gold.
  • Embroidery Floss: Gold or bronze.
  • Embossing Tool (Optional): A ballpoint pen or similar tool for creating patterns.
  • Scissors, Sewing Supplies, Hot Glue: The essentials.

How to Do It:

  1. Create the Sea-Worn Look: If your base vest isn't already worn-in, distress it! Snip tiny cuts along edges, rub with sandpaper for a frayed effect, and even splatter with diluted turquoise paint for a salty, weathered vibe.

  2. Layer and Patch: Cut accent fabrics into asymmetrical shapes. Layer them onto the vest, playing with textures. Secure with a mix of stitching and hot glue.

  3. Embellish Time: If you have an embossing tool, create subtle scale or wave patterns on the vest. Otherwise, use fabric paint: darker blue for shadows, lighter for highlights, and a touch of gold to mimic weathered metal.

  4. Detail with Embroidery: Stitch simple lines with the embroidery floss for extra dimension and a hand-crafted feel.

Bonus Tips:

  • I've found that… Thrift stores are a treasure trove of unique fabrics perfect for Uma's vest!
  • Reference Images: Study movie stills to capture the vest's details for extra accuracy.
  • The Messier, the Better: Uma's style is about making a bold statement, not perfection.

Uma's Coordinating Top

What You Need:

  • Base Shirt: Long-sleeved, form-fitting shirt in turquoise.
  • Fabric Dye (Optional): Darker blue if needed.
  • Mesh or Lace: In turquoise or gold for sleeves.
  • Fabric Paint: For subtle patterns or a distressed effect.
  • Sewing Supplies: The basics will do.

How to Do It:

  1. Adjust the Color: If your base shirt isn't the perfect shade, fabric dye is your friend! Follow the instructions for a rich turquoise hue.

  2. Customize the Sleeves: Cut your mesh/lace fabric into sleeve shapes. Sew them onto the base shirt, leaving a slightly ragged edge.

  3. Uma's Touch: Apply a wave or scale pattern with fabric paint in the same way you did the vest.

Bonus Tips:

  • Don't be afraid to… let the dye create uneven patterns - it mimics the ocean!
  • Budget-Friendly: An old swimsuit or leggings can often be transformed into the perfect top.

Uma's Fierce Fingerless Gloves

What You Need:

  • Base Gloves: A pair of fingerless gloves (you can find these at many stores). Ideally, select a distressed-looking material in a turquoise or blue.
  • Matching Fabric: Scraps of fabric similar to your vest.
  • Embossing Tool (Optional): For adding texture.
  • Fabric Paint: Turquoise, dark blue, metallic gold.
  • Scissors, Sewing/Hot Glue: Your crafting essentials.

How to Do It:

  1. Enhance the Texture: If your base gloves aren't textured enough, rough them up a bit with sandpaper or create subtle patterns with your embossing tool.

  2. Add Patches: Cut pieces from your fabric scraps and attach them to the gloves with a mix of stitching and glue. Aim for an asymmetrical, worn-in look.

  3. Paint for Impact: Use your fabric paint to add detail. Darker blue adds depth, a touch of gold adds a weathered metal feel, and patterns (scales, waves) tie it directly to her ocean essence.

Bonus Tips:

  • Raid Your Closet: Old tights or leggings that match the turquoise/blue shade can be repurposed into gloves! Cut off the feet, snip finger holes, and voila!
  • Uma's Flair: If you're feeling ambitious, add a tiny seashell charm or a golden stud with hot glue for extra pirate edge.

Uma's Fabulous Sash

What You Need:

  • Belt: A simple brown leather belt or a sturdy strip of brown fabric.
  • Patterned Fabric: Turquoise or blue with a draping quality - lightweight options work best. Check fabric remnants or even a lightweight scarf.
  • Optional Embellishments: Seashells, beads, or anything that speaks 'pirate treasure'

How to Do It:

  1. Layer the Fabric: Cut your patterned fabric into a long, wide sash. Create more visual appeal with a frayed or uneven edge.

  2. Secure to the Belt: Tie the sash onto the belt, leaving a dramatic drape down one side. Let it flow!

  3. Personalize with Treasures: If desired, attach a seashell or two, or string beads onto the fabric for a touch of ocean-scavenged bling. Use hot glue for durability.

Bonus Tips:

  • Think outside the box: A large, chunky necklace repurposed with added fabric could make a unique Uma-worthy sash!
  • Comfort Factor: Consider how heavy the sash might get, especially if you're wearing it for a long event. Test different weights of fabric and adjust accordingly.

You're well on your way to looking like a true sea queen! Next, we'll tackle her iconic accessories

Uma's Beaded Bracelets

What You'll Need:

  • Large Beads: Blues and greens resembling sea glass or stones. Look for varying sizes and shapes.
  • Beading Wire or Stretchy Cord: Opt for something durable yet flexible.
  • Wire Cutters (Optional): If using beading wire.
  • Clasp (Optional): If using beading wire.
  • Seashell charms, feathers, tiny skulls (Optional): For that extra pirate flair.

How to Do It:

  1. Embrace the Random: Uma's style is about mismatched charm. Combine beads in different colors, sizes, and textures – the chunkier, the better!

  2. String Them Along: Thread your beads onto the wire or stretchy cord. If using wire, be sure to finish with a secure clasp at each end.

  3. Add Uma's Touch: Intersperse with seashells or other pirate-themed charms for a touch of her scavenged aesthetic. Hot glue works best for durability.

  4. Layer Up: Create multiple bracelets of different lengths for a stacked effect.

Bonus Tips:

  • Thrift Shop Finds: Raid jewelry boxes or thrift stores for unique beads or pendants to add to your bracelets.
  • Make it Personal: A tiny charm with an anchor or the letter "U" subtly pays homage to the character.
  • Wear Them Proudly! The clinking of beads as you move adds a fun, jangly touch to your Uma persona.

Uma's Double Belt

What You'll Need:

  • Brown Leather Belt: Two simple, classic belts. Choose a width that complements your body type and the overall look of the costume.
  • Gold Buckle (Optional): If your belt doesn't have a gold-toned buckle, consider swapping it for extra flair.

How to Do It:

This one's easy!

  • Find the Perfect Belt: Thrift stores or your own closet are excellent hunting grounds for this versatile accessory.
  • Style It Right: Wear the belt over your sash, positioned to flatter your figure. Uma wears a second belt that cinches her waist and adds definition to her silhouette.

Bonus Tips:

  • Distress for Authenticity: Scratching the leather slightly with sandpaper can give it that well-worn, pirate look.
  • Think Utility: Consider attaching a simple pouch or a looped cord to the belt for a truly practical pirate vibe.

Uma's Turquoise Pirate Boots

What You'll Need:

  • Base Boots: Calf-high boots, ideally in a brown or slightly worn-looking material. Thrift stores are a goldmine for these!
  • Turquoise Fabric or Spray Paint: Opt for a fabric with texture (faux leather or suede) if possible.
  • Gold Fabric Paint: Metallic adds that opulent touch.
  • Seashell Embellishments, Gold Trim (Optional): For extra detail.
  • Scissors, Sewing Supplies, Hot Glue/Fabric Glue: Your trusty crafting tools.

How to Do It:

Option 1: Fabric Transformation

  1. Wrap and Secure: Measure to cover your boots and cut the turquoise fabric, leaving a bit extra at the top and bottom for folding. Secure to the boots with fabric glue or a combo of glue and stitching.

  2. Add the Details: Use gold paint to create ornate, seaweed-like designs. Hot glue small seashells or gold trim along the top and side of the boots for Uma's signature flair.

Option 2: Painted Perfection

  1. Prep Your Boots: Clean the boots and lightly sand them for better paint adhesion.

  2. Color Them Turquoise: Using spray paint specifically for the boot material, apply several thin coats until you achieve the desired shade.

  3. Get Creative with Gold: Use fabric paint and brushes to add ornate designs inspired by ocean life - think waves, coral, swirling seaweed. Add a touch of shimmer with metallic gold highlights.

Bonus Tips:

  • Embrace Imperfection: Uma's boots are weathered and bold – a little messiness adds to the authenticity!
  • Look at the Details: Reference images of Uma's boots to accurately reproduce the patterns and colors.
  • Comfort First: If the boots will be worn for extended periods, test them before adding embellishments, ensuring they remain comfortable.

You've crafted the essential elements of Uma's iconic look! Now, channel her confident swagger and love of the dramatic. We'll explore how to become Uma through her unforgettable mannerisms and personality in the next guide section.

Uma Cosplay

Dress Like Uma Descentdant 3

Dressing like Uma is fun, but truly BECOMING her? That's when your costume truly shines! Let's explore the nuances of her personality, so you can command attention just like the salty sea queen herself.

How to act like Uma at the Halloween Party:

Uma's Signature Swagger

What to Do: Uma walks with purpose. Her movements are fluid, infused with confidence and just a hint of defiance – shoulders back, head held high.

How to Do It:

  • Stride with Confidence: Practice walking with longer, slightly heavier steps than you normally would. Channel your inner captain.
  • Subtle Sway: Let your hips sway ever so slightly with each step, adding a touch of swashbuckling flair.
  • Commanding Posture: Maintain excellent posture (imagine a string pulling you upwards), especially when standing still. Uma wouldn't be caught slouching!

Bonus Tips:

  • The Right Soundtrack: Play some sea-inspired music (think pirate shanties) and let your body find a rhythm that suits Uma's bold energy.
  • It's All in the Eyes: Uma's gaze is intense and determined. Practice holding that confident eye contact.

Uma's Expressive Hands

What to Do: Uma isn't afraid to use her hands to emphasize her point. Her gestures are bold and fluid, adding drama to her words.

How to Do It:

  • Don't Be Shy: Incorporate hand gestures into your everyday conversations –pointing, sweeping motions, even a dismissive hand wave. Think BIG!
  • Study the Source: Watch scenes with Uma and observe how she moves her hands when speaking. Does she gesture more when angry or defiant?
  • Balance is Key: Practice integrating gestures so they feel natural, not forced. Uma is expressive but never clumsy.

Bonus Tips:

  • Practice in the Mirror: Watch yourself and refine those dramatic gestures. Remember, Uma is always performing a little, even in casual conversation.
  • Focus on the Fingers: Uma's fingers are often slightly splayed when gesturing, adding to the mystical sea-witch vibe.

Uma's Catchphrase: "You Know What?"

What to Do: This phrase is Uma's way of challenging others and asserting her authority. It's delivered with a touch of sarcasm and a self-assured smirk.

How to Do It:

  • Inflection is Everything: Emphasize "know" with a rising tone, followed by a slight pause and a sly smile. You're teasing your audience, not asking a genuine question.
  • Situational Awareness: Use the line when you want to call someone out or assert your dominance playfully. It's less effective if used randomly - timing is key!
  • The Power of Silence: That smug smile and a head tilt following the phrase let it land with maximum impact.

Bonus Tips:

  • Source Inspiration: Rewatch some of Uma's best scenes – notice the exact situations where she uses the line, and how she delivers it for maximum effect.
  • Make it Your Own: Think about other catchphrases that fit Uma's defiant style. Don't be afraid to experiment!

Reacting with Defiance

What to Do: Uma never backs down from a challenge. She faces opposition with a mix of anger, pride, and a touch of amusement.

How to Do It:

  • Chin Up: Slightly raise your chin and narrow your eyes – this conveys defiance without breaking eye contact. A tiny smirk adds to the 'try me' attitude.
  • Verbal Sparring: Uma is quick-witted! Practice sassy comebacks or playful insults (always in line with the character's style, of course).
  • Never Surrender: Even if surprised or caught off-guard, Uma recovers quickly. A momentary flash of vulnerability followed by renewed determination makes it believable.

Bonus Tips:

  • I've noticed that... Uma's anger is often fueled by feeling underestimated. Channel this frustration into your portrayal for authenticity.
  • Body Language Matters: Even when still, her muscles are slightly tense, ready to spring into action.

Combine these techniques, and you'll be channeling Uma's captivating spirit in no time! Remember, the best portrayals find the balance between confidence and a touch of vulnerability. It's that defiant glint in her eye that makes her so compelling.

Couple, Group, and Family Costume Ideas

Let's take your Uma costume to the next level! Incorporating others opens a whole new realm of Descendants-inspired fun (or villainous mayhem, depending on your group).

Couple Costume Ideas

  • Idea 1: Frenemy Power Duo

    • Pair Up With: Mal, Uma's greatest rival.
    • Why It Works: Their constant power struggle creates a delicious tension. This is the perfect 'love-to-hate' dynamic – bickering guaranteed! Play up the contrast in their looks: Uma's ocean hues vs. Mal's vibrant purples. This one is my favorite couple costume idea!
  • Idea 2: The Pirate Captain and Her Loyal First Mate

    • Pair Up With: Harry Hook, Uma's right-hand man.
    • Why It Works: This pairing is all about leadership and fierce loyalty. Coordinate classic pirate outfits, with Uma channeling more powerful, captain-like energy. Bonus points if you can master their synchronized sneers!
  • Idea 3: The Sea-Crossed Lovers (Crossover Edition)

    • Pair Up With: Prince Eric from 'The Little Mermaid'.
    • Why It Works: This one gets interesting! It's a nod to Uma's origin story and a classic 'what if?' scenario. Their opposing worlds (and costumes!) create a visually striking and conversation-starting combination.

Group Costume Ideas

  • Idea 1: Uma's Fierce Pirate Crew (Difficulty: Easy)

    • Assemble the Team: Uma, Harry Hook, Gil, and a few generic pirate crew members.
    • Why It Works: This is a classic! Focus on classic pirate gear, with Uma as the clear captain. Extra points for choreographing a short sea shanty routine!
  • Idea 2: Isle vs. Auradon Showdown (Difficulty: Moderate)

    • The Factions: Uma, Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay vs. Ben, Audrey, Jane, and Lonnie.
    • Why It Works: Ultimate good vs. evil showdown! This idea calls for meticulous costume details and a good grasp of each character's defining traits. Perfect for larger groups.
  • Idea 3: Villains Gone Wild (Crossover Edition) (Difficulty: Challenging)

    • The Crew: Uma, Hades, Captain Hook ('Peter Pan'), and the Evil Queen ('Snow White').
    • Why It Works: Pure villainous energy! This crossover requires a commitment to character embodiment and might involve more complex costuming, but the result is seriously impressive.

Family Costume Ideas

  • Idea 1: The Sea Witch Dynasty

    • The Family: Uma, Ursula ('The Little Mermaid'), and Morgana (Ursula's sister, if you're feeling ambitious!).
    • Why It Works: The ultimate showcase of powerful sea witches! Lean into the ocean vibes with blues, teals, and nautical embellishments. Perfect for a mother-daughter combo.
  • Idea 2: Descendants Generations (Difficulty: Moderate)

    • The Crew: Uma, Mal, Evie alongside their iconic villain parents.
    • Why It Works: A fun exploration of family dynamics and changing times. Contrast classic villain attire with the rebellious edge of their descendants for extra flair.

About Uma

Uma Descendants 3 Costume Guide

Uma, daughter of Ursula, is more than just a villain. She's a force of nature – ambitious, resourceful, and fiercely loyal to the outcasts of the Isle of the Lost. Let's peel back the layers of this captivating character.

Character Overview

  • Role in Descendants: Uma is a leader, a rebel, and arguably the primary antagonist of 'Descendants 2'. She seeks to break down the barrier between the Isle of the Lost and Auradon, believing that the privileged Auradon citizens have forgotten those less fortunate.
  • Played By: China Anne McClain

Background and Personality Traits

  • Personality: Uma is a complex mix of pride, ambition, and vulnerability masked by a tough exterior. She's driven by a deep-rooted desire for respect and a longing to prove herself. Her anger stems from feeling trapped and underestimated, fueling her determination to change her circumstances.
  • Appearance: Uma's appearance echoes her ocean heritage and pirate spirit. Turquoise and blues dominate her outfits, contrasted by leather and gold accents. Her long, braided hair and bold accessories add to her commanding presence.

Role in the Story

  • Major Plot Points: Uma takes control of the Isle of the Lost, steals Mal's spellbook, and challenges Ben to a duel with the fate of the Isle hanging in the balance. Her actions force both Auradon and the Isle to re-examine their biases and work towards a compromise.
  • Impact on Narrative: Uma isn't just a villain to defeat – she's a catalyst for change. She exposes the inequality between Auradon and the Isle, ultimately pushing both sides towards a more inclusive future, even if her methods are questionable.

Cultural Impact

  • Fan Reception: Uma is a fan favorite! Her fierce style, catchy songs, and defiant spirit inspire countless cosplays, fan art, and discussions exploring her motivations.
  • Thematic Significance: Uma challenges the classic good vs. evil trope. Her story speaks to themes of injustice, the desire for belonging, and the complexities of leadership.

Further Reading:


You've crafted Uma's iconic look, mastered her fierce swagger, and delved deep into her defiant spirit. With this comprehensive guide and my years of costume experience at your fingertips, you have everything you need to become the daring and unforgettable Uma. Now get out there, channel that sea-queen energy, and make some waves in true villainous style!

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