Dress Like Descendants 3 Audrey

Descendants 3 Audrey Costume


Descendants 3 Princess Audrey Costume For Girs

Diy Descendants 3 Audrey Costume Items (Girls')

You need the following items for your Audrey from Descendants 3 Girs' Halloween Costume

  1. Audrey Descendant 3 Kids Costume
  2. Audrey Kids Wig
  3. Audrey Crown
  4. Audrey Staff
  5. Audrey Necklace
  6. Girls' Pink  Boots
  7. Audrey  Doll

Audrey Descendants 3 Halloween Costume

Audrey Descendants 3 Costume

Dress like Audrey from Descendats 3; Princess Audrey Rose is one of the two secondary antagonists and later a minor character in the film Descendants, the recurring secondary antagonist of Descendants: Wicked World and main antagonist of Descendants 3, played by Sarah Jeffery. She is the daughter of Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip. She did not show up in Descendants 2.

Naturally regal and extremely self-confident, she is the ex-girlfriend of Prince Ben and cheerleader at Auradon Prep with a knack for fashion. It is also known that she was the most popular princess in the school before Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay arrived. She is also the best friend of Lonnie and Jane.

Audrey Descendants 3 Cosplay

Audrey is an extremely vain girl who tends to be worried and believes she is the most beautiful girl in school. When she revisited other girls, she was upset, not because she believed that something was in the works, but because she did not want anyone to compete with her.



Audrey Descendants 3 Halloween Costume

She immediately felt uncomfortable with the idea that VKs would come, often criticizing her privately and in front of them. She believes that they are evil because their parents act evil without giving them a chance. She acts not only for the UK but also for some others, is very demanding and humiliating, such as laughing at Jane over her ugly hair and preferring to be the center of attention. She hates to look imperfect and enjoys competition and selfies.

Even after she accepted the VK, she remained jealous of her because they got all the attention she was used to and had trouble finding her out. She even did not like it when Evie named Q.N.L.B. won. instead of herself and became suspicious of them when CJ committed a series of crimes around Auradon. She's quick to blame Mal for it and even blames her when Ben was missing.

Princess Audrey Outfits

When Ben Mal suggests when everyone welcomes the new UK, both she and her grandmother, Queen Leah, aren't happy with the news or their future queen. After being insulted by her grandmother, Audrey looks at old memories of her and Ben before Mal came. After realizing that she will never be queen and deserve her grandmother's contempt, she goes to the museum to destroy the crown, but is then drawn by Maleficent's scepter and falls into the dark. (Queen of the middle). She then decides to pay back at Mal, and transports herself to Evie's Cottage, confronting Mal how everything was perfect until she got there. When Mal tries to speak to her, Audrey vengefully turns her into an old witch and leaves.

She then goes to Jane's birthday party and questions her loyalty at times, despite all the drama that came with the UK. Chad volunteers at his service before putting everyone to sleep at Jane's birthday party. Jane escapes the magic of sleeping by staying under the enchanted lake. Audrey then goes to Ben and tries to win him over, but it doesn't work and she turns him into an angry beast. Claiming sleep is too good for Auradon, it turns people into stones.

Audrey takes Chad to Fairy Cottage, where she expresses her anger at Mal's ability to break her spell and Uma's presence in Auradon. After Audrey had a slight fit of anger and troubled Chad, she decided to play with the VKs. She controls the armor in the castle to defeat Mal, Evie, Jay, Carlos, Uma, Harry and Gil, but they defeated the armor together, much to their annoyance.

After watching the UK, she furiously traps Chad in a closet after ignoring his reasons to argue with her. She captures the VKs in Evies Cottage until Uma and Mal break the spell using Ember and Ursula's Shell and annoy them again.

The VKs are looking for her, but she has mysteriously left the cottage and left Chad inside. She captures Celia Facilier and holds her hostage to lure Mal into battle. Mal turns into a dragon, but Audrey begins with the advantage of Maleficent's scepter. After Uma has activated the embers with her necklace, Mal can defeat her with Hades Ember. This ends up leaving her in a dead state, but Hades is able to wake her up again. She later apologizes when Hades brought her back to life, horrified by what she had done to Mal, Ben and everyone, but still grateful that she saved her life.

She is present when the new king and queen open the barrier and finally release all UKs. During the dance she flirts and dances with Harry Hook.

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