Audrey Costume : How to Channel Descendants’ Princess Audrey

Welcome to the ultimate Audrey Costume Guide! If you're a fan of Descendants 3 and want to channel your inner Princess Audrey Rose this Halloween, you've come to the right place. Audrey, played by Sarah Jeffery, is a captivating character with a flair for fashion and a hint of villainous charm. In this comprehensive guide, we'll walk you through all the steps to create the perfect Audrey costume, from head to toe, and help you embody her character at your Halloween party. Whether you're dressing up yourself or helping your child become the envy of Auradon Prep, we've got you covered. Let's get started on your Audrey costume transformation!

Audrey Costume


Audrey Costume For Girs

How to Dress Like Audrey

Audrey Descendants 3 Costume

Creating an Audrey costume is all about capturing her regal yet stylish look. Follow these five simple steps to dress like the enchanting Princess Audrey from Descendants 3:

Step 1: The Audrey Descendants 3 Costume Start with the core piece, the Audrey Descendants 3 Costume. This outfit is a stunning blend of pink and silver, just like Audrey herself. Ensure it fits comfortably and represents her royal style.

Step 2: Audrey's Signature Wig Audrey's hair is an integral part of her character. Find an Audrey wig that mimics her long, pink hair with a perfect curl. Secure it in place for an authentic Audrey look.

Step 3: The Audrey Crown No princess costume is complete without a crown. Audrey's crown is silver and adorned with jewels. Make sure yours sparkles and complements your outfit perfectly.

Step 4: Audrey's Staff Audrey's staff is a distinctive accessory. Craft one using a long stick or buy a toy staff online that resembles hers. Paint it silver and add some decorative touches to match her style.

Step 5: Audrey's Necklace and Pink Boots Don't forget Audrey's signature accessories. Find a necklace that emulates her pendant and invest in pink women's boots to complete her look. These details will make your Audrey costume truly stand out.

Audrey  Cosplay

Audrey Descendants 3 Halloween Costume

Now that you've dressed the part, it's time to embrace Audrey's character and bring her to life at the Halloween party. Follow these five steps to act like the one and only Princess Audrey:

Step 1: Regal Confidence Audrey is known for her unwavering self-confidence. Walk with grace and carry yourself like royalty. Confidence is key to channeling Audrey's persona.

Step 2: Fashionable Grace Audrey has an impeccable sense of style. Strut your stuff confidently and show off your costume with elegance, just as Audrey would.

Step 3: Charm and Charisma Audrey is charming and charismatic. Engage with fellow partygoers, and remember, you're the life of the party. Compliment their costumes and share Audrey's positive vibes.

Step 4: Positivity and Friendliness Despite her initial conflicts, Audrey is ultimately a friendly character. Be approachable and spread positivity. Make new friends and have a blast at the party.

Step 5: Embrace Your Inner Princess Throughout the night, embrace your inner princess. Act as if you're attending a grand event at Auradon Prep. Audrey is poised and courteous, so be sure to embody those qualities.

With these steps, you'll not only look like Audrey but also exude her confidence and charisma, making your Audrey costume a hit at the Halloween party!

Descendants Inspired Costume Ideas


About Audrey

Audrey, portrayed by the talented Sarah Jeffery, is a captivating character within the Descendants franchise, particularly in Descendants 3. She is the daughter of Princess Aurora and Prince Phillip, making her a prominent member of the Disney royalty. Audrey's character brings a unique blend of confidence, style, and complexity to the Descendants storyline.

Naturally regal and exceptionally self-assured, Audrey's presence in Auradon Prep was felt long before the arrival of Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay. As the ex-girlfriend of Prince Ben, she held the title of the most popular princess in school. Audrey also boasts a keen eye for fashion and serves as the resident cheerleader, adding a touch of glamour to the ensemble.

Audrey's character is characterized by her vanity and a constant worry about her appearance. She firmly believes herself to be the most beautiful girl in school, and her self-assuredness often translates into a competitive spirit. She dislikes anyone who may threaten her status as the school's reigning beauty.

Initially apprehensive about the arrival of the Villain Kids (VKs) at Auradon, Audrey was quick to judge them based on their parent's past actions. Her demanding and sometimes demeaning demeanor, especially towards Jane and her unfortunate hairstyle, made her the center of controversy.

Additional Tips for Your Audrey Costume

To ensure your Audrey costume is a showstopper and that you capture her character perfectly, consider these additional tips:

  1. Makeup Magic: Enhance your Audrey look with makeup. Opt for soft pink eyeshadow, rosy cheeks, and a subtle pink lip color to match her style.
  2. Nail It: Don't forget to paint your nails in a complementary shade of pink or silver for that extra touch of Audrey's elegance.
  3. Practice Your Poses: Audrey is known for her poised and confident posture. Practice regal poses and walk with grace to embody her character fully.
  4. Study Audrey's Lines: If you want to take your role-playing to the next level, watch Descendants 3 and pay attention to Audrey's lines and expressions. Mimicking her speech and gestures will make your portrayal even more convincing.
  5. Stay in Character: Throughout the party, stay in character as Princess Audrey. Respond to compliments with grace and charm, just like the princess herself.

Group Costume Ideas Alongside Audrey

If you're looking to create a Descendants-themed group costume alongside your Audrey outfit, here are some ideas:

  1. Mal and Evie: Partner up with a friend to become Mal and Evie, two iconic characters from Descendants. Mal's dark and mischievous style contrasts perfectly with Evie's royal elegance.
  2. The VK Crew: Get a group of friends together and each dress up as a different Villain Kid (VK) from Descendants. You can choose from characters like Carlos, Jay, Uma, or Harry Hook.
  3. Heroes vs. Villains: Divide your group into heroes and villains. Heroes can include Ben, Lonnie, or Doug, while villains can be Mal, Uma, and others. Create a fun dynamic at the party by acting out your roles.
  4. Auradon Prep Squad: Assemble a group to represent the students of Auradon Prep. Pick characters like Chad, Jane, and Audrey to showcase the school's diversity.
  5. Disney Descendants Mashup: Mix and match characters from Descendants 1, 2, and 3 to create a unique and exciting group costume that includes characters from all three movies.

Creating a group costume adds an extra layer of fun to your Halloween celebration and allows you to interact with other Descendants enthusiasts at the party. Whether you're good or evil, there's a Descendants character for everyone in your group!

Audrey Costume FAQs

Q1: How can I make Audrey's pink boots look authentic?

A1: To make Audrey's pink boots look authentic, consider using pink spray paint or fabric paint to achieve the right shade. Be sure to choose a pair of boots that closely match Audrey's style before applying paint.

Q2: What makeup should I use to match Audrey's look?

A2: To replicate Audrey's makeup, opt for soft pink eyeshadow, rosy cheeks, and a subtle pink lip color. You can find makeup tutorials online for a step-by-step guide to achieving her look.

Q3: Can I create Audrey's staff at home?

A3: Yes, you can create Audrey's staff at home. Start with a long stick or dowel and paint it silver. Add decorative elements using craft materials to mimic the design of Audrey's staff.

Q4: Are there Audrey Descendants 3 costumes available for kids?

A4: Yes, you can find Audrey Descendants 3 costumes specifically designed for kids. These costumes are available in various sizes to suit different age groups.

Q5: Can I style my hair like Audrey without a wig?

A5: While a wig is the easiest way to achieve Audrey's signature look, you can style your hair similarly by curling it and using pink hair spray to achieve the desired color.

Q6: What are some key traits to remember when acting like Audrey at a Halloween party?

A6: When acting like Audrey, remember to embody confidence, elegance, charm, and a regal posture. Audrey is known for her unwavering self-confidence and fashionable grace.

Q7: Can I mix Audrey's look with other Disney characters?

A7: Yes, you can get creative and combine Audrey's look with elements from other Disney characters to create a unique costume mashup.

Q8: Is Audrey's character from Descendants 3 a popular choice for Halloween?

A8: Absolutely! Audrey's character is a popular choice among Descendants fans and Disney enthusiasts, making her a fantastic option for a Halloween costume.


Congratulations! You've now completed the Audrey Costume Guide and are well-prepared to bring the enchanting Princess Audrey Rose to life this Halloween. Whether you're dressing up as Audrey yourself or helping your child channel their inner Disney royalty, following the steps in this guide will ensure an authentic and memorable costume experience.

Remember, becoming Audrey is not just about the outfit; it's about embodying her character with confidence, charm, and style. By following the steps to dress like Audrey and learning how to act like her at the Halloween party, you'll leave a lasting impression as the belle of Auradon Prep.

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