Dress Like Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester: A Halloween Costume Guide for Addams Family Fans

Are you a fan of the macabre and delightfully creepy? Do you relish in the idea of giving others the chills with a single smile? Then the Uncle Fester costume from The Addams Family is the perfect choice for you this Halloween!

For those unfamiliar with the character, Uncle Fester is a bald, overweight man known for his eccentric behavior and love of all things dark and eerie. He is one of the central characters in the Addams Family and is often depicted as the mad scientist of the family, always cooking up some new and twisted experiment.

Uncle Fester Costume


You will need the following items for your Uncle Fester Halloween costume:

  1. Uncle Fester Costume
  2. Animated Movie Uncle Fester Costume
  3. Bald Cap
  4. Light Grey Face Paint
  5. Black Eyeshadow
  6. Black Chukka Boot
  7. Magician Light Bulb

To dress like Uncle Fester, you should wear a long-sleeved, black suit with a white dress shirt and black tie. Consider adding a pair of black gloves, as Uncle Fester often has an eerie demeanor and keeps his hands covered. A bald cap or shaved head can be used to emulate his distinctive bald head, and you can add a large forehead and distinctive chin using makeup. Complete the look with a pair of black shoes and carry a light bulb, which is a nod to Uncle Fester's ability to generate electricity by holding it in his mouth. Remember, the goal is to have fun and bring the character to life in your own unique way!

Get your family or friends together to dress up as Cousin Itt, Morticia AddamsPugsley AddamsWednesday Addams, Pubert Addams and of course Gomez Addams, alongside dear Uncle Fester.

How To Dress Like Uncle Fester

Uncle Fester Halloween Costume

But enough about the character, let's get into the costume!

The key to nailing Uncle Fester's look is all in the details. Here's what you'll need:

  1. Bald Cap: A must-have for any Uncle Fester costume! You can buy a bald cap online or create your own using a skin-toned stocking cap and some spirit gum.
  2. Overweight Prosthetic: To really embody the character, you'll want to add a little extra padding to your belly. You can use a foam prosthetic or stuff old clothes under your shirt to achieve the desired look.
  3. Dark Robe: Uncle Fester is often seen in a long, dark robe that covers most of his body. You can find a simple black robe at any Halloween or costume store, or even use an old bathrobe from your own closet!
  4. White Shirt: Underneath his robe, Uncle Fester wears a plain white shirt. You can pick up a plain white shirt from any department store, or use one you already have.
  5. Black Gloves: To add some extra detail to the costume, consider wearing black gloves.
  6. Electric Bulb: One of Uncle Fester's most iconic moments is when he illuminates an electric light bulb simply by holding it in his mouth. You can recreate this look by purchasing a battery-operated light bulb and attaching it to a string or wire.
  7. Grinning Smile: Last but not least, don't forget the signature Uncle Fester grin! Practicing your best creepy smile in the mirror will really bring the costume together.

And there you have it! With these simple items and a little bit of imagination, you are now almost ready to bring the darkness to any Halloween party. Just remember, if anyone asks you to turn on the lights, simply grin and say, "I've got it covered."

Uncle Fester Cosplay

Uncle Fester Cosplay

To act like Uncle Fester from The Addams Family, you could try incorporating the following characteristics:


  1. Voice: Uncle Fester has a distinctive deep and gravelly voice. Practice speaking in a lower register to emulate this.
  2. Personality: Uncle Fester is eccentric and somewhat odd, with a mischievous sense of humor. Consider incorporating some playful pranks or jokes into your costume.
  3. Body language: Uncle Fester is often depicted as shuffling around and gesturing animatedly. Try to move in a slightly awkward or exaggerated manner to capture this aspect of his character.

Remember, the goal is to have fun and bring the character to life in your own unique way!

Uncle Fester Halloween Costume

Ladies and Gentlemen, hold onto your light bulbs and get ready for some electrifying fun! Uncle Fester is here and he's ready to light up your world with his unique talents. This guy may not always be invited to the Addams family celebrations, but he knows how to make his own fun. Like turning the shower to a scalding setting, feeding his plants on blood plasma, and releasing an eagle on the neighbor's pigeons.

But the real showstopper is Uncle Fester's ability to conduct electricity. He'll put a light bulb in his mouth, and BAM! It's lit up like a Christmas tree, with a loud crackling noise that'll make your hair stand on end. He claims to have 110 watts of power, but we all know he's got at least 220! And let's not forget his magnetic quality. He can levitate a metal paperweight with just a flick of his wrist. And if that's not enough, he can take a hit from a fired cannonball and still be only mildly dazed. The cannonball will bounce right off his head!

And what do you do when you have a headache? Take some aspirin? Not Uncle Fester! He's got a cure that's out of this world. He'll put his head in a screw press and tighten it until the headache is gone. But let's be real, he probably just does it for the fun of it. So come on, give Uncle Fester a chance and let the good times roll!

Wednesday & Addams Family Costume Ideas

Up for a family group cosplay?

  1. Wednesday Addams - for the sibling who always knows best and loves to be the boss
  2. Gomez Addams - for the dad who never takes life too seriously
  3. Morticia Addams - for the mom who is always mysterious and alluring
  4. Lurch - for the tall and intimidating family member who just wants to help
  5. Grandmama Addams - for the grandma who has a little spookiness and a lot of love
  6. Pugsley Addams - for the mischievous little monster who always finds a way to cause trouble
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