Morticia Addams Costume

Morticia Addams Costume

You need the following items for your Morticia Addams Halloween costume:

  1. Morticia Addams Dress
  2. Long Straight Wig
  3. Goth White Cream Foundation Powder
  4. Red Nail Polish
  5. Red Lipstick
  6. Black Gothic Ring
  7. Women's Flax Dress Pump

Matriarch of The Addams Family, Morticia Addams was created by cartoonist Charles Addams. Charles Addams named her "Morticia", which means “death”.

Get the look of Morticia Addams by dressing up in a black gothic dress, long pure black wig, and black pumps.

As the mother of the family, it is your duty to get the family together. Get some friends or family members to dress up as Uncle Fester, Cousin IttPugsley AddamsWednesday Addams, Pubert Addams, and of course Gomez Addams, alongside dear Morticia Addams to be the creepiest family at Halloween.

How To Dress Like Morticia Addams From The Addams Family

Morticia Addams Cosplay

Dress like Morticia Addams from the Addams Family;

Morticia Addams Dress: Morticia's dress has changed slightly through the Addams Family franchise, however it remained pretty much the same. Her most iconic dress is the black gothic floor dress. If you have a similar-looking dress you can use it with some minor modifications.

Morticia Addams Hair: Morticia has long straight black hair that matches her dress. If you don't have long black hair you can get a wig instead.

Morticia Addams Accessories: To give Morticia's pale look you can use goth white foundation cream, you also need gothic style rings and red nail polish, and red lipstick.

Wednesday & Addams Family Costume Ideas

Cousin Itt
Uncle Fester

Morticia Addams Cosplay

Morticia Addams Halloween Costume

Morticia Addams is one of the main characters in the Addams Family franchise. She is the wife of Gomez Addams and the mother of Pugsley Addams and Wednesday Addams.
Morticia has pale skin and long black hair. She usually wears a long gothic dress that matches her hair, tight-fitting, with a hobble skirt. According to Wednesday, she's putting baking soda on her face instead of makeup. In the movies, she has red lips and nails. Your face is lit by a ghostly glow around the eyes that is best seen in low light.

Her creator Charles Addams describes her as the true head of the family, she is calm, succinct, and subtle, has stunning beauty, and is very loyal to her family. She has a garden full of nightshade, henbane, and dwarf hair.

Morticia Addams Halloween Costume

She easily lures her husband by speaking French and is musically inclined, often playing a shamisen. She cuts off the rosebuds and throws them away, keeping only the stems. She has a carnivorous plant called Cleopatra and loves to feed it. She also wants her family to uphold the Addams family traditions.

She is usually most surprised when someone in the clan goes astray and does something we would consider normal. She also smokes, actually, she literally smokes. When she smokes, the smoke comes from somewhere below her stomach.

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