Dress Like Morticia Addams

"Bring the Glamour and Mystery to Life this Halloween with a Morticia Addams Costume Guide!"

Halloween is just around the corner, and if you're anything like us, you're probably on the hunt for the perfect costume. If you're looking for a classic, timeless, and oh-so-chic costume that's sure to turn heads, then look no further! This year, channel your inner Morticia Addams and bring the glamour and mystery of the Addams Family to life!

But how do you create the perfect Morticia Addams costume? Well, lucky for you, we've got the ultimate guide to help you get the look just right. So, grab your black cat, put on your best pout, and let's get started!

Morticia Addams Costume


How To Dress Like Morticia Addams From The Addams Family

Morticia Addams Cosplay

First things first: the dress. Morticia is known for her long, slinky, black gowns that hug her curves in all the right places. So, to start your costume, find a black dress that's long, elegant, and form-fitting. Bonus points if it has a plunging neckline and a slit up the side!

Next, add some layers to your look with a black shawl or cloak. This will keep you warm on those chilly Halloween nights and add some extra drama to your costume.

When it comes to accessories, Morticia is all about the details. So, don't skimp on the jewelry. Grab some long, dangly earrings and a few chunky bracelets to complete your look. And don't forget about the classic Morticia Addams flower! Find a fake black orchid and pin it to the front of your dress for that touch of sophistication.

Last but certainly not least, let's talk about Morticia's hair. The Addams matriarch is known for her long, sleek, black locks that are always styled to perfection. To get the look, simply pull your hair back into a low ponytail or bun and smooth down any flyaways with some hairspray. You can also add a little bit of backcombing for some extra volume, if desired.

And there you have it! You are now almost ready to channel your inner Morticia Addams and steal the show this Halloween. Keep reading to be the ultimate Morticia Addams that any Halloween party has ever seen.

Morticia Addams Cosplay

Morticia Addams Halloween Costume

If you have come this far, then congrats because it means that  you will in for a spook-tacular time at the party.

To get into character, start by thinking about Morticia's signature demeanor - poised, sophisticated, and a little bit macabre. Here are a few tips to help you embody her for the night:

  1. Work on your spooky yet sultry walk: Morticia glides like a ghost and always has an air of mystery about her. So, practice your catwalk in front of a mirror and don't be afraid to add some eerie hand gestures for good measure!
  2. Get into the Gothic vibe: Morticia is all about the Gothic lifestyle, so embrace the dark and moody side of things.
  3. Channel your inner seductress: Morticia is alluring, and she knows it! So, flaunt your assets (whether they be your stunning looks or your impeccable fashion sense) and make sure everyone knows who's in charge.
  4. Speak in hushed, dramatic tones: Morticia's voice is like a spell that could put anyone under her spell. So, practice speaking in hushed, dramatic tones, and remember to add a little bit of a sinister twinkle to your eyes.

So, there you have it, your guide to becoming Morticia Addams for Halloween. Get ready to cast a spell on everyone and have a wickedly good time!

About Morticia Addams

On the Netflix series, there was a psychic named Morticia. She was a wild child in her teenage years and went to a fancy-shmancy school called Nevermore Academy. She met the love of her life, Gomez, there, and they had a love affair to remember. Morticia was a fencing captain and part of a secret club called Nightshade Society. She even performed a talent show act with her BFF Larissa Weems.

But there was a catch! A boy named Garrett Gates had a crush on Morticia and wouldn't take no for an answer. He started harassing her and wouldn't stop, even when she went to the authorities. The night of the Rave'N dance, things took a dark turn. Garrett chased Gomez to the roof of the school, and Morticia came to the rescue with a sword in hand. Long story short, she accidentally killed Garrett with the sword and then ran to her room to hide.

Morticia and Gomez got hitched and had two adorable kiddos, Wednesday and Pugsley. They hired a butler named Lurch and all lived happily ever after in the Addams Family mansion. Fast forward to Parents Weekend at Nevermore Academy, Morticia had to face her demons and attend a counseling session with Dr. Valerie Kinbott. But don't worry, Wednesday put her in her place and reminded her who's boss.

Wednesday & Addams Family Costume Ideas

You're going all-in on the Addams Family spirit this Halloween! Here are some suggestions for the rest of your family to join in on the fun:

  1. Gomez Addams - Your significant other can be the doting husband to Morticia. They'll need to brush up on their tango moves and Latin accent, but the love and adoration they show for Morticia will be worth it.
  2. Wednesday Addams - Your daughter can be the gloomy, gothic Wednesday. Dress her in a school uniform, give her a creepy doll, and watch as she recites poetry about death with a straight face.
  3. Pugsley Addams - Your son can be the mischievous, rambunctious Pugsley. Arm him with a big balloon and watch as he pops it and runs away giggling.
  4. Uncle Fester - Your dad can be the loveable, eccentric Uncle Fester. He can carry around a lightbulb and pretend to light it with his own electricity, making everyone's day a little brighter.
  5. Grandmama - Your grandma can be the ghostly, wise Grandmama. Have her float around with a sheet over her head and dispense sage advice to everyone she meets.
  6. Lurch - Your tallest family member can be the strong and silent butler, Lurch. Have them walk around stoically and make ominous "uuuuuuuuuuuuurgh" noises every so often.

Get ready for a Halloween to remember with the entire Addams Family by your side!

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