Mad Eye Moody Costume

Mad Eye Moody Costume

You need the following items for your Mad Eye Moody Halloween costume:

  1. Mad Eye Moody Costume
  2. Blonde Wig
  3. Eyeball Eye Patch
  4. Wizard Staff
  5. Chukka Boot

Dress Like Mad Eye Moody From Harry Potter

Mad Eye Moody Cosplay

Dress like Mad Eye Moody from Harry Potter;

Mad Eye Moody Costume: Mad Eye Moody wears a long brown overcoat, black vest-like jacket, and black pants. All of his outfits look old and worn.

Mad Eye Moody Eye: Moody has a magical eye that can see through objects and even through back of his own head.

Mad Eye Moody Accessories: To complete your Mad Eye Moody cosplay costume don't forget a blonde wig and a wizard staff.

Mad Eye Moody Halloween Costume

Mad Eye Moody

Moody had a growling voice and looked like his face was roughly carved out of wood. Due to injuries from his long career as an auror, it was scarred and a piece of his nose was missing. He had dark gray, gray hair. It also had a wooden leg described as a claw foot.

His eyes, however, have been described as the most shocking feature: one was small and dark, while the other was a living, electric blue magical eye that moved independently of his normal eye and called it "Mad-Eye Moody". or just "Mad-Eye". This eye could see through objects, invisibility cloaks, and the back of the head.

Mad Eye Moody Cosplay

Alastor Moody was strong, tough, brave, and an accomplished survivor as well as an excellent fighter. He had a gruff, sullen disposition. After having had many dangerous experiences over the course of his career, he was hyper-paranoid and viewed by many as a delusional belief.

Moody made all of his own meals and only drank from his personal bottle in case anyone tried to poison him. He was also very suspicious of most of the people with whom he shared facts about his personal life. He also retained vital information from his colleagues and superiors at the Ministry of Magic, such as his birthplace and the house he was sorted into during his visit to Hogwarts. The latter, probably taking into account the fact that the house was able to identify some of his more substantial personality traits, making it easier for the enemy to find weaknesses in his psychological defenses.

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